While Africans despise their culture, Caucasians embrace them

Obinwannem News While Africans despise their culture, Caucasians embrace them

While Africans despise their culture, Caucasians embrace them.

In the video making rounds in the media, somewhere in Europe, a group of people numbering millions is excitedly celebrating a piece of our great cultural heritage that we have almost totally discarded and forgotten.

Indeed, things have fallen apart. “Ewu atago anyi igu n’isi”, (Goat has eaten the palm leaves on our head), a popular Igbo adage which signifies calamity in the land.

In my previous column, I talked about masquerades and their importance to African spirituality and culture. The masquerade feast is one of the most hallowed and valued traditions practiced in Africa, especially in Igbo land.
These masquerades are representations of our various deities and demonstration of their spiritual values.

In every community in Igbo land, there is a masquerade group and not everyone participates in its rituals, a sign of their sacred functions.

In this modern-day, most of our communities don’t participate in the masquerade feast anymore. In my own community, the feast of masquerade has been rejected because people fear to be expelled and excommunicated from their various religious groups and worship centers; masquerade feast is now seen as an evil practice since the advent of colonialism and the religious practices associated with it.

Christianity was imported by the Caucasians.
Our people were told that our culture and traditions are evil, they made us hate our ancestors and despise our names.
A strategy that turned out very successfully and yielded positive results for them.

While we are busy casting and binding; as we are busy hating on our heritage, they are busy innovating and inventing hugely, backed by the same sources we have rejected.

In most cases, those that gave us Christianity ain’t Christians. They don’t go to church, and yet they are advancing on a daily basis while you are wallowing in the imagination that you have a better place in heaven.

They preach the message of a paradise in the sky, while they are building heavens on earth for themselves. The feast of masquerade is celebrated in Europe, whereas, they told us it is evil.

The truth is, you have been scammed, and its never too late to accept that fact, we must go down on our knees and say “Forgive me my ancestors, for I was scammed”.

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Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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