What you don’t know about the Igbo food, ‘Fio-fio’

Obinwannem News What you don’t know about the Igbo food, 'Fio-fio'

Fio fio is one of the most delicious food peculiar to the Igbo people; it is made with pigeon pea after it has been harvested, threshed and prepared for consumption.

Research has it that pigeon pea has Indian and Asian origin; however, there abound opposing claims to that discovery.

Whether or not pigeon pea has African or Asian origin, is not the point here. The crux of the matter is, in a “beautiful” way, the Igbo people has transformed such pea into an edible delicious food.

Fio fio is one variant of foods available in the Igbo society. It could be cooked with yams, dried cocoa yam, vegetables, et cetera.

One peculiar thing about fio-fio is that it takes up to one to two hours to get softened (done); depending on the heat intensity subjected to same. Its seed looks similar to brown bean seed, but a lot different than that – fio-fio seed is harder and thicker than the bean seed.

Pigeon pea is known to be a very high source of protein and it’s important for adequate nourishing of the skin.

Everyone in Igboland would likely crave to have a plate of the meal, anytime, anywhere; nevertheless, if you do not like fio-fio meal, it is either you have never had a taste of same, or you ate one poorly prepared.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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