Video: Nigeria Army unleash violence on protesters

Obinwannem News Video: Nigeria Army unleash violence on protesters

The question we must ask ourselves, what do we want and how badly do we want it?

The military is bestowed with the responsibility to maintain law and order, the last resort of the nation when all have failed.

This is what the Nigeria politicians have reduced our brothers and sisters in the army to.

Unfortunately, scenes from this video have become very common and quite regular in our lives.

If our history persistently bears witness to the will and might of our military, perhaps there are still a few good men in the military.

Do we take our pleas directly to the military in search of those few?

We must establish NOW a synergy with the military or be ready to face off.

EndOperationCrocodileSmile #EndSarsnow


Vladimir Chimaobi Ugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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