Video: Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor sends goodwill message to fans and well-wishers

Obinwannem News Video: Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor sends goodwill message to fans and well-wishers

Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor Wrote: I want to use this opportunity to thank my fans, friends, professional colleagues and undaunted members of the Indigenous People of Biafra for standing with me in this moment of grief.

My special thanks go to my Client, my Senior brother and indefatigable leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Professor, Dr NNAMDI KANU for reawakening the international community to their solemn duty to act swiftly on the crime against humanity committed in my house.

I can’t appreciate him enough and he retains my everlasting loyalty. Also to be thanked is the prompt condemnation of the carnage, bloodletting and killings in my house by Ohaneze Ndi Igbo. NBA Abuja can not be thanked enough for their vociferous condemnation of the murderous activities of the combined team of the Nigerian Police and military in my home, They’re are all outstanding.

My fans across the globe can’t be thanked enough for standing tall in the face of this adversity. You all are appreciated. What happened in my house is a clear demonstration of crime against humanity, my only saving grace in this conspiratorial move to assassinate me ostensibly executed by agents of the state and masterminded by Emeka Orakwue Offor is my respect for constituted authority.

If I didn’t insist on honouring my word with the ACP on their mission to my house, I would have been a dead person by now, because the mission of the police and military in my house wasn’t to investigate the commission of any crime but to assassinate me, having been heavily paid by Emeka Orakwue Offor and the Government he represents in the crime.

Kindly note that I can never relent in my desire to ensure that justice is done no matter the high powered manipulation being undertaken by Emeka Orakwue Offor at present, to ensure that the case is swept under the carpet.

Emeka Orakwue Offor, Sunday Ignoanuzue, Cascer Ufondu and cohorts cannot escape the wrath of the highest God. What happened in my house will be a child’s play to God’s vengeance that will be visited upon them. Note further that Emeka Offor cannot finish this fight as the Almighty God will finish the fight for me.

I never offended anybody in any way, my only offence was defending IPOB within the best of my professional ability, a duty I can’t renege on even against all intimidating odds.

I thank you once more for being with me and standing by me, I am indeed overwhelmed. May the good Lord bless all people of goodwill that have stood with me in this trying period.

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Vladimir Chimaobi reporting, Obinwannem News

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