US secret service deploys massive security operatives ahead of Biden inauguration

Obinwannem News US secret service deploys massive security operatives ahead of Biden inauguration

The US Secret Service and federal law enforcement agencies are in preparation to resisting potential (violent) attack during the inauguration of the president-elect, January 20.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, on Monday , stated the obvious reasons for this decision, following a verified information of an identified armed group that intends travelling to Washington DC on January 16; to storm the State, Local, and Federal buildings, particularly if the house votes to impeach the incumbent president Trump for the second time.

The FBI, however, added that this may pose a threat to the safety of citizens; aiding destruction of properties.

The Secret Service has sent out a call to all of its field offices around the country to send agents to Washington for the week.

“The events of January 6 serve as a stark reminder of the criticality of comprehensive security planning,” said the Secret Service spokeswoman, Justine Whelan. She added that, “As is always the case, security during a National Special Security Event (NSSE) is a layered network of operations, seen and unseen, that run in tandem with federal, state and local law enforcement, military, and public safety entities.”

Recall that last Wednesday, January 6, mammoth crowd of President Trump’s supposed supporters ransacked the Capitol building as Congress was in session to certify Biden’s win, battling with police, sending lawmakers fleeing for safety; leaving five dead.

Today, over 10, 000 National Guard troops, thousands of police and tactical officers have been deployed to Capitol and the White House to resume security operations.

The US Air National Guard captain chief Johnson on Tuesday 6pm told reporters that the guardsmen were deployed to the Capitol building complex with lethal weapons, protective helmet, gas mask, and Kevlar body armor.

The chief of National Guard Bureau, told reporters ahead of the decision, that individuals have the right for self determination.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News