Upcoming Uganda Election turns bloody as Police kill 37 People

Obinwannem News Upcoming Uganda Election turns bloody as Police kill 37 People

The Ugandan election slated for January 14, 2021, has turned violent as police clamp down on opposition supporters, resulting in the death of 37 persons.

According to reports obtained by Obinwannem News, violence had erupted between the Ugandan security force and supporters of opposition presidential candidate, Bobi Wine.

Wine, regarded as the main challenger to President Yoweri Museveni who is looking to extend his 36-year rule, was arrested ahead of a political rally in the run-up to January 14 election.

The government exerted significant police and military influence in Kampala with roadblocks and security checks following a massive protest in the State.

A report by AFP confirmed that dozens died and hundreds were arrested as tyres were burned and police responded to hurled rocks with teargas, rubber bullets and live rounds in the capital Kampala and other towns.

”We have recorded so far 37 dead bodies, those related to the protests which started Wednesday,” police health director Moses Byaruhanga told AFP, adding that the victims had died of wounds and suffocation.

Addressing a press conference Friday, police spokesman Fred Enanga claimed the protests were “part of a loosely coordinated campaign” and not spontaneous.

He said that bows and arrows, as well as bottles, tyres and fuel for incendiary devices, had been found.

”All indicators reveal these were not just impromptu actions,” he said, adding that 375 people had so far been arrested.

Meanwhile, some Ugandans tool to social media to lament widespread security oppression against the citizens.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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