UNDP/Anambra Pact Provides Global Empowerment Opportunities for Youths

The programme was one of the primary topics of discussion at a meeting between a UNDP delegation

UNDP/Anambra Pact Provides Global Empowerment Opportunities for Youths UNDP/Anambra Pact Provides Global Empowerment Opportunities for Youths

Youths in Anambra State can now benefit from the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) global empowerment initiatives.
This follows a recent agreement between the Anambra State administration and the United Nations (UN) organisation. Anambra State’s Ministry of Youth Development and UNDP have formed a collaboration to empower creative and innovative youngsters with solutions to societal concerns.

The Ministry aims to “consolidate modalities on massive empowerment for Anambra youths.” Young people in the south-east Nigerian state will benefit from programmes organised by the UN agency in collaboration with other international bodies, such as the ongoing ‘Young Africa Innovates’ programme by Mastercard Foundation and UNDP. The novel concept will pick kids from Anambra and throughout Africa with creative and innovative ideas for entrepreneurship, social development, and leadership, train them at a booth camp, and fund them.

The programme was one of the primary topics of discussion at a meeting between a UNDP delegation and Anambra State’s Ministry of Youth Development on Wednesday (8th May 2024).

During a visit to Anambra State’s Commissioner for Youth Development, Patrick Agha Mba, the UNDP Team led by Mrs. Joyce Oburu praised the state’s commitment to youth development and pro-youth governance. The main purpose of the visit was to build on the parties’ prior resolutions to empower Anambra State’s youth through an effective and long-term collaboration. The two parties had previously agreed on the necessity for a relationship and discovered commonalities in their youth development programmes.

Receiving the UNDP delegation, Mr Agha Mba expressed his satisfaction at the UNDP’s desire to see Anambra Youths benefit from its programmes and thanked the UN body for the gesture. He praised Anambra State Governor Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo for providing an enabling atmosphere for youth development as well as a conducive work environment for UNDP to plan and conduct its commendable programmes in Anambra.

According to the commissioner, this is the “best time for such partnership” due to “the level of work being done by Mr. Governor in the area of youth enterprise development.” He mentioned various youth development programmes that the state has implemented as a result of the governor’s strong support for creativity, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving ideas.

Examples include the ‘1 Youth 2 Skills Solution’ campaign, the ‘Solution Job-Kikstart’ programme, the Solution Innovation District (SID), and the Solution Sports programme. The governor’s approval of 1 Youth 2 Skills Solution Batch 2 will benefit 10,000 Anambra youths through business start-up and expansion, as well as the construction of the SID permanent site and the Anambra State Sports Festival.

Agha Mba reported that the 5000 beneficiaries of the ‘1 Youth 2 Skills Solution’ Batch 1 have formed platforms like Solution Youthpreneurs Support Group (SYPSG) and 1 Youth 2 Skills Cooperatives to collaborate with UNDP and address gaps for business growth and sustainability.

Mrs Oburu responded on behalf of UNDP, thanking the Ministry of Youth Development and the people of Anambra State for their hospitality and pleasant working environment. She highlighted UNDP’s joy and readiness to collaborate with the Ministry of Youth Development to close all gaps in the 1 Youth 2 Skills Solution and their other programmes.

She praised the Ministry for collaborating with UNDP by providing structures and facilities for the registration of Anambra Youths in the ‘Young Africa Innovates,’ a programme in which youths with creative ideas are selected and encouraged to realise their ideas.

She also added that UNDP intends to assist 10,000 SMEs with a grant of ₦100,000 per SME for business start-up expansion, and urged strong collaboration between UNDP and Anambra to achieve better results.

On May 14th, a UNDP Team led by Wetalu Okosi, UNDP State Focal Person in Anambra, visited the ministry and held an interactive forum with leaders of youth organisations, student leaders, and representatives of youth programmes in the state.

Dr Onyedikachukwu, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, attended both meetings. Martin Agbili Emeka Chueka, the Governor’s Special Assistant for Youth Development. Tony Omata and representatives from the Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA) and the Ministry of Industry.

Frontline youth leaders in the state were also in attendance, including Osita K. Ozalagba (Liaison Youths), Comrade Ken Okoli (PG ASATU Youth Wing), Obi Emeka Chukwudi (Chairman, NYCN, Anambra State Chapter), Obinna C. Nweke (Ohanaeze Representative), Patrick Egwuatu (SYSPG Coordinator), Okafor Ernest (NANS National), and Okoye Ernest (NANS Chairman, JCC, Anambra State), among others.

The presentation of 1 Youth 2 Skills branded materials to the UNDP delegation, as well as mementoes from the international organisation to the commissioner and his team, served as a capstone to the festivities.


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