The Sweetest Part Of Liverpool’s Sensational Mauling Of Manchester United

Obinwannem News The Sweetest Part Of Liverpool's Sensational Mauling Of Manchester United

If you thought that Liverpool is not title favorite, I guess that thought would change after their incredible performance against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Following Chelsea and Manchester City’s victories, Liverpool needed nothing less than a win to keep them close to table-toppers Chelsea.

The Reds did not just win their match, they won it in a way that would instil fear in other title favourites, Chelsea & Manchester City. They are so many sweet things about Liverpool’s victory yesterday, I would be sharing some of them in this article. 

One of the sweetest parts of yesterday’s victory is the fact that Mohamed Salah scored a hat trick against a Man United side that he hardly scores. For over 29 years, no player has ever scored a hat trick at Old Trafford in a premier league match.

The last player to score three at Old Trafford was QPR’s, Dennis Bailey. But when he did it, the name of the league was not Premier League. That Makes Salah the first player to score a hat trick against Manchester United at Old Trafford in a league match. 

Another sweet part is the fact that Liverpool is now part of the clubs that have given United their biggest loss at home. Liverpool is also the first club to score two hat tricks in the Premier League against Manchester United. Salah and Dirk Kuyt are the players with the hat tricks.

Another sweet part of the victory is the fact that Liverpool scored 5 goals without conceding. This makes Liverpool the second team in the English top-flight league to score 5+ goals in two consecutive Premier League matches without conceding a goal. The last team to achieve this was Manchester United in 1960. 

Lastly, Salah made it more fun by becoming the highest-scoring African in the Premier League. He has now surpassed Chelsea’s legend Didier Drogba. Salah also extended his scoring run to 10 successive games in all competitions.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer/October 25, 2021.

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