The killing of Chimaobi and 3, others in Onitsha

Obinwannem World News Chimaobim an Innocent driver was shot dead alongside two others by men of Special Anti - Robbery Squad SARS

Report: The Killing of Chimaobi and three others In Onitsha,

What Transpired According to reports from an eyewitness, Chimaobim an Innocent driver was shot dead alongside two others by men of Special Anti – Robbery Squad SARS (a faction of the Nigerian Police) on Tuesday, 12th August 2019 along Onitsha and Owerri road, Anambra state Biafra land.

A Bus driver

It was gathered that Mr. Chimaobim (deceased ) was a bus driver who operates along Onitsha-Owerri road. On that fateful day, the police and the SARS were on patrol around the said place for a mission to arrest someone, however, they failed by not apprehending the person.

At the time of this report, we don’t know the said person that was to be arrested, and what prompted his arrest. The report went further to state that, on their failure to arrest, they resorted into opening fire on the masses and Mr. Chimaobi was very unlucky to get a hit by the bullet.

He was aimed and shot from the back, and this sparked an uproar as the youths decided to retaliate the reckless killing. On the course, two more persons were gunned down (Names unknown) making it three. before our correspondent arrived the scene, the police have evacuated the corpses to a hospital along Onitsha-Enugu express (Name Withheld) The unnecessary killings of Biafrans by the Nigeria security apparatus aided by the government have taken another dimension as their arsenals are now geared towards the elimination process.

Recall, on Wednesday 7th August 2019, a Soldier shot and killed a Byke man, and breadwinner of his family, named Chimaobi over N100 bribery at Umuezugbe village, Ohanze community in Ogbor Hill Aba, Abia State. This is too much to bear, we have without provocation, lost too many of our men to the Nigerian military apparatus including Soldiers littered all over the Streets in Biafra land. We are, as usual, putting the world on notice, should in case another story is heard in the future. The deaths of our own must be avenged.

Obinwannem News Reporter: Ugochinyere

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