The exigent need for establishing more charitable organization in Nigeria

Obinwannem News The exigent need for establishing more charitable organization in Nigeria

The exigent need for establishing more charitable organization in Nigeria

Veritably, it is highly excruciating that in our society today, that the less privileged go through hell to survive, especially in the aspects of feeding, shelter and education majorly. To be candid, if all the organizations in our world today could work under one umbrella or with a common goal to eradicate this predicament that has besieged our society today, then the so-called ’our disadvantaged youths’ today will live ecstatically.

Although, catering for children outside your bloodline is a difficult and demanding task, but our intensity, drive and determination can make this achievable.

Therefore, in order to make this dream a reality, there is utmost need for charitable organizations to be established in plethora so as to cater for the precious lives of our disadvantaged brethren.

However, the instant intention of these foundations would be to conceive and serve as bedrock in combating the incessant stratospheric poverty rate which denies our less privileged youths and children the opportunities to get maximum education and survival once and for all.

Albeit, the alleviation of poverty via these foundations should cut across the rural communities especially in the West African Regions by utilizing basic education, skill acquisition, and empowerment of the underprivileged youths for economic and social development.

By so doing, they would not only be given the fish but at this point they have the vital tools to fish for themselves. In honesty, I believe that so many less privileged youths today have myriad of forte which if not discovered and nurtured, would fold into oblivion. More so, it is imperative in our world today to be our brother’s keeper because I cannot imagine in our beautiful world today whereby so many do not live happily because of their state of being or natural and socio-economic predicaments.

Apparently, these foundations can register themselves as Non-Profit Organizations in Nigeria and the other parts of the world so as to form that synergy in this quest. This is because, we have mammoth number of less privileged in our society today, which literally one body cannot possibly handle. Now, this can serve as a platform to the orphanage homes and schools in rural communities to provide scholarship awards to disadvantaged youths at the secondary and tertiary levels.

I strongly believe that these platforms will cement some strong elements which are; to fight rural household poverty using education, skill acquisition for adolescents and youth in the rural West African region in general.

In view of this, these foundations can have few vital programmes channeled towards their vision and objectives which could be; skill acquisition programmes which can be targeted at those who missed out on the opportunities to acquire formal education also those who lack skills that could lead to a stipulate employment opportunities.

Tentatively, the beneficiaries here will receive training in the following areas, (welding and fabrication, fashion and designing, ICT skills, furniture making, fish/crop farming, and hair/barbing). With all these in place, they will thrive at attaining their optimum potentials without solely depending on the government for survival.

In all, I impel the Federal government of Nigeria and other affluent bodies to conceive this ideation so as to alleviate poverty from our society once and for all, because if everyone is at least averagely comfortable, no one would perturb nor become encumbrance to another.

Mazi Chinonso Osedumme reporting, Obinwannem News

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