The Eastern Security Network is a child of necessity- IIYC

Obinwannem News The Eastern Security Network is a child of necessity- IIYC

The Indigenous Igbo Youth Congress (IIYC), has commended the Indigenous people of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, saying they are ready to work with IPOB security outfit for the reason of creating of security outfit that will secure lives and properties of South East from murderous Fulani people and other criminals in the region.

In a statement released to the press by the group National president, Chief John Mayor Echefu, the group said that the Eastern Security Network is a child of necessity whose time has come.

IIYC berates Ohaneze Youth wing for opposing Eastern Security Network idea, saying their position shows they’re unsympathetic to the plight of the Igbo.

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The Statement reads “it was the most insensitive statement to have come from a group that claims to represent the Igbo. Our people are no more going to farms for fears of being killed by rampaging herdsmen and you are here opposing the security outfit,”

“Are they not concerned that herdsmen have taken over all the forests in the Southeast where they take their kidnap victims to. Our region is bare. While other regions are finding solutions to their security problems, our governors are not doing anything in this direction; they are only looking up to Abuja on how to secure the region.

This can’t continue, the coming of this security outfit is to protect our people. Southwest has Amotekun; Miyetti Allah, an association of Fulani cattle breeders has its own security outfit to protect their members, why should we not praise Nnamdi Kanu for filling the security gap for Igbo? Our governors have shown that they lack the courage to respond to the security challenges in the zone,”

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”The Eastern Security Network is a child of necessity, and it has come to stay, even though the government has phobia about IPOB, there is no going back. Why should a full-fledged Igbo kick against a security outfit that has come to usher peace in our domain?” he stated.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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