Health: The 10 most popular plants and their uses

Obinwannem News Health: The 10 most popular plants and their uses

Plants is very useful to human life especially the medicinal aspect of it. The natural medicine keeps human health healthy and stronger.

Here are 10 most popular plants and their uses

  1. Moringa

Common name: Moringa or drum stick
Scientific name: Moringa Oleifera
Family: Moringaceae
Yoruba name: Ewe ile
Hausa name: Habiwal
Igbo name: Ikwe beke
Ethno medicinal use: 1.Use of Leaves as A. natural booster
B. Ulcer, inflammation and pain and cures headache

Use of flower: Flowers boiled with soymilk have been noted for aphrodisiac quality

Use of fruit: Research till goes on the fruit as it shows chance of boosting sperm count in men

  1. Bitter Kola

Scientific name: Garcina Kola
Yoruba name: Orogbo
Igbo name: Ugbolo
Hausa name: Cida goro
Ethno medicinal use: Bitter kola are used for enhancing sexual activity and also pain relief

  1. Bitter leaf

Scientific name: Vernonia amygdalina
Yoruba name: ewuro
Igbo name: Onugbu
Hausa name: Chusar doki
Ethno medicinal use: leaves of bitter leaf is used as decoction is predominant in South west of Nigeria to manage diabetes and Edo state for treating skin infection

  1.   Cashew

Scientific name: Anacardium occidentale
Yoruba name: Kantonoyo
Igbo name: Kachu
Hausa name: Jambe
Ethno medicinal uses: Seed products are used as anti- diabetic

  1. Scent leaf

Scientific name: Ocimum gratissimum
Yoruba name: Effirin
Igbo name: arigbe
Ethno medicinal use: leaves are commonly used for the treatment of diarrhea in form of infusion and for headache

  1. Ogbono

Scientific name: Irvingia gabonensis
Yoruba name: aapon
Igbo name: ogbono
Ethno medicinal use: Ogbono soup helps overweight persons to shed weigh and lower high blood pressure

  1. Yellow yam or bitter yam

Scientific name: Dioscorea bulbifera
Ethno medicinal uses: For treatment of diarrhea

8. Zobo

Scientific name: Hibiscus sabdariffa
Ethno medicinal uses: Decoction of its wine colored flower protects from chances of prostate cancer

9. African cherry

Scientific Name: Prunus Africana

Ethno medicinal use:

  1. Decoction of the bark is used for treatment of stomach ache and wound dressing
  2. Infusion of leaves is used traditionally to improve appetite despite its fruits is mostly generally used for its antioxidant properties “supplement of vitamins”
  3. Baobab

Ethno medicinal use : Though less used has gained grounds due to its wide range of medicinal  activity of its dried powdered leaves and seeds as antimalarial , antimicrobial, antiviral and antidiarrheal effect etc.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer / November 20, 2021

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