State of the Nation: You are useless, Shiek Albani Blasts Buhari

Obinwannem News State of the Nation: You are useless, Shiek Albani Blasts Buhari

State of the Nation: You are useless, Shiek Albani Blasts Buhari

Prominent Islamic preacher Albani Zaria has blasted the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government for bringing untold sufferings to the Citizens of Nigeria, he described the Buhari-led government as useless, saying his kind should be purged from the land.

Muhammad Auwal Adam Albani Zaria is one of the fearless Nigerian Islamic scholars who specialized in the field of Hadith Islamic Law, mass communication, telecommunications engineering, and ICT, he is the leader of the Salafis movement in Nigeria.

Shiek Albani made this statement in a video posted by Sahara Reporters obtained by Obinwannem News, he made the speech in the Hausa language during a sermon.

According to his speech, “all the amenities to enjoy life are absent and we are not left to live and enjoy life, we have no peace or unity in Nigeria he said.

In his words he said;

“What sort of thing is that? What is our benefits as citizens?

All the amenities to enjoy life are absent and we are also not left to live to enjoy life, no peace, no unity”

“The state you are from, they are cursing you, they are saying may Allah curse you because you are useless in their eyes”.

“What is the benefit of your presidency or that you are Commander in chief of the armed forces, What is the use of all the funds and resources you have?
May your kind be purged from the land”

(Crowd) Amin!

“What sort of situation is this? If we talk, we are arrested and detained, anyone who attempts it, may he be cursed” Crowd: Amin!

“What are you doing for the people, the masses? Citizens are not allowed to live, you are useless, to be honest, no one can save us from this mess if not Allah”

“The president is incompetent, the Governors are incompetent, lawmakers have failed, making fake laws and deceiving the people and stealing from them, all that they have done, the masses have been patient, Imams keep pleading with people to be patient that it will pass and the only thing we have, our lives are being threatened”.

“We keep bearing and now our security and lives are under threat as well, Nigeria will not allow you to live, which kind of leadership do we have in Nigeria? What sort of presidency is this? What have our people done to deserve this? We are asking you Mr. President, you and your cabinet, what have we done to get this type of treatment?”

Recall in 2014 Muhammad Auwal Adam Albani’s wife and his 18-year-old son were murdered in the night in Zaria, Kaduna State by gunmen.

According to the relatives of the deceased who spoke with press during the ugly incident, Sheik Albani, who was shot about 1km away from his residence along Gaskiya Layout in Zaria, had struggled with his life and by God grace he survived while losing wife and son.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • This is what Nigerians deserve, more hardship, killing are on the way worthless ZOO night area fools

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