Soyinka exposes plans by FG, NASS to secretly reinstall rejected water bill, condemns Emene killings

Obinwannem News Soyinka exposes plans by FG, NASS to secretly reinstall rejected water bill, condemns Emene killings

Soyinka exposes plans by FG, NASS to secretly reinstall rejected water bill, condemns Emene killings

Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has said that Federal Government is collaborating with the National Assembly to return the national water resources bill that was long rejected in 2018 by the public.

This was revealed in a statement by Soyinka, which he titled, ’MLK’s mighty stream of righteousness,’ on Thursday, where he strongly condemned the return of the bill.

He also condemned the killing of over 21 members of the Indigenous People of Biafra by a combined team of the Nigerian security which includes officials of the Department of State Services, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police in Enugu on Sunday.

He said, “A roundly condemned project blasted out of sight by public outrage one or two years ago, is being exhumed and sneaked back into service by none other than a failed government, and with the consent of a body of people, supposedly elected to serve as custodians of the rights, freedoms and existential exigencies of millions. This bill – Bill on National Water resources 2020 – is designed to hand Aso Rock absolute control over the nation’s entire water resources, both over and underground.

If the current presiding genius – and this applies equally to all his predecessors without exception – had a structured vision of Nigerian basic entitlements, Nigerians would by now, be able to boast the means of fulfilling even that minimalist item of COVID-19 protocols that call for washing one’s hands under running water! As for portable water for drinking and cooking, let us not even begin to address such extraterrestrial undertaking!

“What next for the exclusive list? The rains? I declare myself in full agreement with virtually every pronouncement of alarm, outrage, opprobrium and repudiation that has been heaped upon this bill and its parentage, both at its first outing and since this recent re-emergence.

It is time to move beyond denunciations however and embark on practical responses for its formal deactivation and permanent internment. Let all retain in their minds that, from the same source that preached the “streams of righteousness” is encountered the promise of “no more floods, the fire next time.”

Dwelling on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement provoked by the racial killing of a black man by a United States cop and Martin Luther King’s speech to discard racism, the elder statesman noted that in the past few days, he mulled over the watershed episode and was compelled to rephrase: Do Nigerian lives matter? Do farmers’ lives matter? Do IPOB lives matter? Do innocent lives matter? And most disturbingly: Do future lives matter?

”One passage in Martin Luther King’s” I Have a Dream” has leaped to the forefront as a warning that relates to that final interrogatory – do future lives matter? And it does so in a most literal manner, one that MLK could never have envisioned! It persists in echoing through the mind, reinforced by the recent killings of innocent humanity – mostly youths in Enugu by state forces, under the pretext shall we presume? – of preventing secessionist agitations?

“One polluted stream of human existence compounds the next. A violation here joins forces with its tributary of resentment their yonder, all seemingly unconnected. Martin Luther King’s streams of righteousness turn into a mighty torrent of repulse that overwhelms the perpetrators but, alas, takes down much else as collateral, irreparable damage.

“That is the only cause for regret and – restraint. Hence our duty to position that anguished question frontally, and call the world to witness our open propagation of that challenge: Do future lives matter?

“Let Buhari and his myrmidons ponder that question in the deepest recesses of their hearts and minds. They should not bequeath to future generations the harvest of the grapes of wrath!”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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