Soludo believes that no political godfather can influence the governorship election in Anambra

Obinwannem News Soludo believes that no political godfather can influence the governorship election in Anambra

Government cars must be built locally under his watch, and he insists that no political godfather may exert pressure on Anambra Governor-election.

According to the Soludo Media Group, the Governor-elect of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Soludo, will generate 4,000 young millionaires in the ICT and agriculture industries through his economic empowerment plan.

Hon. Pauly Onyeka, the group’s convener, disclosed this to journalists in Abuja while discussing Soludo’s development strategy for Anambra in the coming years.

Soludo intends to create roughly 520,000 jobs for young Anambrarians through the above-mentioned areas, as well as those in the industrial sector, he stated.

Soludo’s developmental strategy, he claims, will aim to achieve economic emancipation for the people through a policy of aggressive job creation.

“Soludo will revolutionize the industrial sector,” he said. In order to achieve the new needed horizon, he will not only open up the agrarian communities, but will also launch a massive launch of world-class agricultural policies and methodologies that will computerize that sector and make it attractive to our youths, resulting in massive job creation, food sufficiency, and also serve as a feeder unit (raw material) to the industries.

“Soludo wants to create roughly 520,000 employment and 4,000 youth billionaires in four years through the positions from the above industries, as well as those from the ICT and modern skill development programs and the connected startup packs.”

Though the Governor-elect will use his worldwide network to woo foreign investors to Anambra, the APGA leader observed that their importance in the state will be determined by whether such investors add value or solve an issue that is tough for indigenous investors.

“Thus, whether a local or international investor, what Soludo requires are solid outcomes inherent in products that can compete locally and internationally,” he continued.

“Under his watch, the government of Anambra shall patronize solely Anambra-made products, unless they are not easily available.” This is why, according to Soludo, “all official vehicles for the office of the governor under his supervision, as well as other official vehicles of government, must be Anambra brand.”

“Who is that man in his right senses, who would pose himself before an international figure like the ex-CBN governor with the sole aim of being his political godfather?” the SMG said, referring to Soludo’s victory in the Anambra governorship election with the help of a political godfather. Our people voted for Soludo for a variety of reasons, one of which is that he is above being appropriated.”

In a tense situation, no Anambra man, according to the group, can pressure the Governor-elect to toy with the mandate Ndi-Anambra freely granted him.

As a result, Onyeka stated that Soludo’s social agenda would be based on quality education, a healthy environment, and the rule of law.

Mazi Vladimir Chimaobi reporting, Obinwannem News / 16th November 2021

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