Soldiers lay siege in Ohafia on reports of unknown gunmen

Obinwannem News Soldiers lay siege in Ohafia on reports of unknown gunmen

Ohafia community in Abia State was said to have been thrown into a state of panic on Friday as unknown gunmen allegedly attacked and killed undisclosed number of soldiers, that were on duty at one checkpoint.

Reports reaching Obinwannem News confirmed that male youths were apprehended, and taken to undisclosed locations.

Our correspondent in Ohafia, Ugochukwu Okoro, who narrated the incident, noted that after the attacks on soldiers, by unknown thugs, the infuriated soldiers reinforced, and invaded villages in Ohafia, abducting male youths, and taking them to an unknown location.

He said, “Everywhere in Ohafia is barricaded, and on lockdown as unidentified gunmen attacked Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Barracks in Ohafia, since yesterday. Army has been on rampage in all our villages, apprehending innocent male youths, taking them to an undisclosed location. An Ohafia youth said n”o, not in our land, as I speak to you, all entry and exit points in Ohafia, has been closed, by the youth, so there is no route for escape, since the barracks is in the middle of our home town, it won’t be easy for them to take the men, out of our town”.

Another source on anonymity, who confirmed the incident; said, “This morning, soldiers reinforced from the barrack, and stormed Ohafia town, beating up youths and doing massive arrests.

“Meanwhile, the unknown gunmen has already disappeared into thin air, while the innocent unarmed masses are now suffering the menace.

” Okada people ran away, shops closed down, soldiers everywhere. There’s tension in Ohafia currently. Army also passed order of no movement at all tomorrow”.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News | June 12, 2021

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