Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you – Mazi Iyierioba

Obinwannem News Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you - Mazi Iyierioba

A greedy person can never be a true freedom fighter.A greedy person is always thinking of what he or she will gain when freedom is not yet achieved. The reason why some people don’t last in IPOB is because of their greed and selfishness. They joined the struggle because of their selfish interests.

If you don’t give them the chance to achieve their aim by duping people in the name of fighting for BIAFRA, they will turn to vampire causing problems in the struggle. These kinds of people always like to drag for positions.

Mathew 6:33, Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness every other thing shall be added unto you.

First think of what you will do for BIAFRA not what BIAFRA will do for you. First, think of how to restore BIAFRA before thinking of what to gain from BIAFRA. Azota ana azowa ute, you can’t harvest without cultivating.

Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived, whatever a man soweth, he shall reap. You can not reap from where you did not sow. Nku onye kpara na okochi ka oga anya na udu mmiri.

Let me make it clear to you, we are not the people that will enjoy BIAFRA. The people that will enjoy BIAFRA is our generation to come. We are just laying a good foundation for them so that they will not pass through what we are passing through today.

The only thing we will gain is that our generation will be proud of us. I owe you nothing but the truth, eziokwu-Chineke. Hate me or love me, I don’t care, the truth must be spoken without fear or favor. Think about BIAFRA first then every other thing shall be added unto you NwaChineke.

Agoziem gi NwaChineke, Ya diri gi na mma. Biafra is our last hope, the last hope of the common man like Iyierioba. Udo nnam diri unu, all hail BIAFRA.

Vladimir Chimaobi reporting, Obinwannem News

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