Respect and obedience to your parents; a stepping stone towards a brighter and prosperous future

Obinwannem News Respect and obedience to your parents; a stepping stone towards a brighter and prosperous future

Any child who refuses the advice of his/her parent is bound to fail in life and there are no two ways about it. No one survives the drenching of this world except those who listen, obey and submit themselves to their parent directives.

There is also no father or mother that wishes their children to make the same mistake(s) they made on their growing up years except one that is insane.

Introspectively, there is no child who listens, accepts, believes and walks according to the laydown procedures of their parent that do not survive and become great people in life.

The fact remains that our parents are the god we see and they direct and shows the way, while the wise follow the path, the ignorant or stubborn ones take a different route to their peril. Whether you like it or not, our parent contributes 70% of what we become in life.

It is imperative to note also that, there are those who do not have the opportunity of tapping from their parent’s wealth of experience which may be due to natural occurrences that is not their making, this set of children requires divine intervention for them to survive and overcome every obstacle of this life.

Anyone who has the opportunity of growing up under their biological parent should always go for thanksgiving to God because you are blessed.

Therefore, If your father or mother is still alive and you don’t want to suffer in future, you must be the one who take them like your God, make them your life, let them dictate everything about you including how to breath, if they don’t approve the woman you want to marry, make no mistake of marrying her because what they see sitting down, you wouldn’t see it even if you climb the biggest mountain and that’s the fact.

Never equate your father or mother to an old school who don’t know what is in vogue, it is the surest way to failure because the acclaimed old school has passed through all the stages of your growing up and has seen both the positive and negative side of every stage you attain and while he/she tries to navigate you out of the negative side, making a mess of it will not augur well.

Obey them and I bet that people will think that you did money ritual because of the kind of wealth and favour you will get and keep getting from this world till your last breath on earth.

Mazi Nwokwu Solomon Chukwuemeka reporting, Obinwannem News reporter September 24, 2021