Resignation: Presidency reacts, says Abaribe was supposed to replace Kanu on treason trial

Obinwannem News Resignation: Presidency reacts, says Abaribe was supposed to replace Kanu on treason trial

Following the call by the senate minority leader, Enyinnaya Abaribe for President Muhammadu Buhari to resign, the presidency has reacted fiercely, saying that Abaribe was supposed to replace Nnamdi Kanu for treasonous acts in a correctional facility.

The Senator representing the Abia South Senatorial district had on Wednesday called for the president’s resignation during a debate on the floor of the Senate based on the country’s security situation.

Reacting to this, Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity says that such a call is foolish explaining that Abaribe and his party had raped the nation in 2015 and left it collapsing.

He further explained that if a leader like Muhammadu Buhari who has been fixing the collapsing state of the country should be asked to resign, then, Senator Abaribe should also resign for unlocking the door for the escape of treasonable suspects.

Shehu in his words: “President Buhari to resign on what basis? Just because some characters think that President Buhari should resign, then they expect him to quit. That call does not represent the opinion of the country. This is the opinion of an armchair critic, known for making stray comments.

“If a leader like President Buhari needs to resign, there are millions of other Nigerians who need to resign, including Senator Abaribe who unlocked the door to enable the escape of traitorous and treasonable suspects.

“He signed the bond for the court to release Nnamdi Kanu on bail, from which moment the suspect disappeared into the thin air. Senator Abaribe has failed repeated deadlines to return Kanu to the court for trial, yet he has the effrontery with which to accuse someone of failing to the bidding of the law.

“This is a man who should have replaced the suspects he failed to produce in the correctional facility.

“Abaribe’s party raped the nation and left it collapsing in 2015 and President Buhari is fixing things up all the years he is in office.

“President Buhari is working hard to keep Nigeria and Nigerians out of the harm terrorists have unleashed in the entire Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa with the support of Nigerians and our foreign friends, he is going to finish off these terrorists. He alone can do it.”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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