Republicans demand probe of election 2020

Obinwannem News Republicans demand probe of election 2020

Two Ranking members of the committee, James Comer and Jim Jordan called for hearings into “troubling reports of irregularities and improprieties” in the US 2020 election.

Top Republicans in the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees are demanding the Chairpersons, Jerrold Nadler and Carolyn Maloney launch a congressional probe to determine the integrity of the US 2020 elections.

Wide reports of voter fraud among other revelations of discrepancies in the elections bring the entire process into question.

US President, Donald Trump has refused to concede to the projected winner Joe Biden, accusing the Democratic Party of orchestrating voter fraud like never seen before in America.

The Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits in various states demanding investigations into the election results.

Ichelle Mbanefo reporting, Obinwannem News

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