Religion wake-up call: Why they can swear with Bible, Koran but can’t swear with the shrine

Obinwannem News Religion wake-up call: Why they can swear with Bible, Koran but can't swear with the shrine

Three people in a room by next morning one was dead and the other two was arrested and take them to court, as the court was asking them what happened to one of them also as the court was proceeding.

The case was finding one of them guilty and they made a pronouncement on him, you know what they ask, the one who’s alive we came from the same village we have sworn on the bible, sworn on the koran and yet I am the one been found guilty.

Please, I beg that judge to take us to the village where we came from that we have shrine over there and let’s swore with that shrine and see who is going to be guilty and see whether I am murder or him is murder.

I and he knows that shrine of our ancestors don’t ever support injustice which with that I am comfortable for this judgement.

This the question I asked the catholic priest they couldn’t answer me because they know what it means to swear with the shrine, you will never swallow a poison because of your life. They know that we don’t fear to swear with their bible or koran but when it comes to our shrine they will not because we don’t joke with a shrine, we better go and tell the truth.

The white man who brought the bible into our country your continent and Muslim that brought also koran are the same people that went and invented the lives of the detected test, the chemical interrogated test. I will dear you to go and line up some your fineness policeman and some of your head of state also some of the people you called judges.

Make any allegation against me you included, write me any question you want to ask, take me to any chemical interrogation I will be the one who will pass I will now see how many of you who will pass.

You know something chief, If we can learn to be bold enough to restore the value of the truth in our society then we will have justice. Without truth, you can’t get justice and that is why we are suffering.

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written By Vladimir Chimaobi Obinwannem News

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