Religion: Best Weapon of Mass Destruction on Africans

Obinwannem News Religion: Best Weapon of Mass Destruction on Africans

Religion: Best Weapon of Mass Destruction on Africans

In their quest to conquer Africa, they had to construct this guide that would take them to their destination. Finally, they arrived Africa, perceiving the aroma of wealth, technology, mineral resources, and other endowments on the soil of Africa. Defeating these people seemed so impossible until the smartest suggestion came into the mind of that man; RELIGION!

“I know a way out”. He exclaimed excitedly, while his colleagues watched in despair. He turned to his left, he saw a people filled with the enthusiastic thoughts of their creator, to the right, he saw a people looking so famished and weak; pointing to his left direction, he smiled and said, “I think these people will do”. His colleagues were still confused but will understand later. He will use the weak against the strong.

This is how the whole thing began! I remember the phrase “THINGS FALL APART”, the very best book I’ve ever read in my life. It’s just not a book, but a simple sentence that merged all the problems that befell Africa.

The effect of religion on a black-man is far greater than the effect of coronavirus upon the world.

The world only suffered 10% damage from coronavirus, of what Africa has suffered by damages incurred from religion.

Religion in Africa is like an invincible virus which of course has no cure except consciousness. In his mind, the only way to penetrate these people was to take what they have, and give them what they don’t have.

Africa has uncountable advantages, with minor disadvantages; this, however, means that they would use the disadvantages to gain huge access to Africa’s advantages. They used religion; they started with the weak minds.

The weak influenced the strong, some of which preferred to die than to succumb. They used the weak, and in a twinkle of an eye, there was division, disagreement, above all, hatred between a brother and his brother.

Years later, this magic has continued to work out for the strangers. Brother has continued to influence and dictate for his brother what strangers dictated for him. Brothers are currently flourishing at the expense and detriments of fellow brothers.

Meanwhile, these strangers are not exploiting their own brothers, they are exploiting Africa to get their own brothers richer and look more supreme to the Africans; this is how religion posed as the greatest massive destructive measure in Africa.

Today in Africa, a pastor is incorruptible, he is like God and of course, should not be judged by mere humans. Meanwhile, it’s ok if these same pastors judge their members into condemnation.

Only in Africa, you will see pastors worth millions of dollars, and yet condemning poor members for not affording the payment of tithes. These tithes are collected, to make him richer than he was.

Is it not only in Africa you’ll find thousands of churches littered everywhere on the streets and yet countries like Finland with only a church in each state is hundred times better than all African countries put together?

Now, I expect you to ponder on the reason why Africa gets poorer instead of richer. I want you to ponder on why Africans are maltreated outside the shores of Africa. I want you to also ponder on why other continents see Africans as lesser humans.

Anyday we rise up and get rid of RELIGION, that marks the beginning of Africa we used to have before things went apart. Fellow Africans should stop using the brains of fellow Africans all in the name of religion. Religion was designed to get you busy and distracted while they crawl into your heart and get it destroyed.

Wake up Africans!

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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