Pentagon says, no intention to relocate US African command to Nigeria

Obinwannem News Pentagon says, no intention to relocate US African command to Nigeria

The United States has made a formal declaration of not considering to move its African command from its recent base in Germany, to Nigeria, or any other African country; despite the streak of insecurity in the region.

This notice followed barely two weeks after Nigeria’s president Buhari pleaded to the US government to consider relocating its Africa Command (AFRICOM) to Africa, to help Nigeria and other countries combat the high rate of terrorism, banditry, and other security vices.

The President made the appeal on April 27, in a virtual meeting with the US secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

Germany based AFRICOM is the US millitary headquarters that oversees its operations in Africa.

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Buhari had requested to relocate the African command in Germany, based on the security challenges and the existing complex negative pressures in Sahel, Central and West Africa, and the Lake Chad region.

However, the US government on Thursday, ruled out the possibility of relocating AFRICOM from its current base in Germany to Nigeria or any parts of Africa.

According to the United States Department of Defense, Pentagon, previous studies indicate that the cost of relocating AFRICOM from Germany to Africa is extremely expensive.

The US Spokesperson, Ms Cindi King, in an emailed response to PUNCH, said:

“It would be inappropriate to speculate on any future actions. However, at this time moving this headquarters (AFRICOM) to Africa is not part of any plans, but US AFRICOM commitment to their mission. Our African and other partners, remains as strong today as when we launched this command, more than a decade ago”.

King ruled out any plan to consider Buhari’s request in an ongoing global US defence review.

She said, “Although there is an ongoing Global Posture Review, the relocation of combatant command headquarters is outside the scope of its assessment. In the case of AFRICOM, previous studies have concluded that the cost associated with the relocation of this headquarters is significantly and likely to incite the expense of other engagement opportunities and activities that more directly benefits our African partners.

“We greatly value the partnership with Nigerians and appreciate President Buhari’s recognition of the United States positive contributions to African peace and security, as well as other regional partners that have made similar past pronouncements, the United States remains committed to continuing our close partnership with African countries and organizations to promote security and stability.”

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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