Our economic upgrade “a necessity”

Obinwannem News Our economic upgrade "a necessity"

Our economic upgrade “a necessity”

Nigeria has always been a blessed nation flowing with milk and honey right from its inception. The reason behind our lagging is a mystery which so many Nigerians can’t seem to unravel, inexplicable in the real sense of it.

Apparently, her citizens especially the youths are desperately anticipating plethora of miracles from their leaders, but those promising expectations end up with discombobulating sagas such as; the stratospheric rate of unemployment which has thrown the future leaders of this great nation (the youths) into mayhem, as such, exodus for greener pastures abroad now becomes the sappy alternative for them.

I am severely perturbed by the economic situation of the country especially during this democratic era and with the incumbent president. I am therefore pleading to our federal government to run a background check and proffer a perpetual solution to the following major predicaments that had clouded our joy as citizens of this nation.

Firstly, the issue of unemployment should be their utmost concern because if this is fixed to a larger extent; there will be a drastic reduction in vices, insecurity, and so on. For Christ’s sake, the citizens need to bring food to their tables and pay for their shelters which are the more essential necessities. But they can’t possibly attain this without any means of income. Secondly, the nation is besieged with languid in the security system which has left her citizens vulnerable.

If security measures are standardized, then no one will be walking with a petrified mindset, our security agencies need to be up to standard in order to avert this particular setback. Sometimes I wonder why our leaders are being reticent in the aspect of education in this nation. How do we educate our children when the required standards aren’t available? More schools need to be erected, stacked with qualified teachers, and be equipped with basic educational amenities.

Another area of concentration is our roads. The condition of our roads is abysmal which plagues the citizens with auto crashes daily. This has claimed numerous lives, perhaps our government should take care of this for more souls to be saved.

Ideally, electricity is an indispensable phenomenon the citizens need. This could be a boost for businessmen and women, factory owners and industries. Furthermore, I would suggest our leaders look into the agricultural sector. Our land is green and fertile. Perhaps agriculture will boost our economy globally because our products will be exported instead of us relying on foreign goods, whereby foreigners can also patronize our products.

In all, if the aforementioned predicaments are tackled with immediate effect, then I need no experiment to know that this nation shall rise economically and otherwise than other nations. We are one Nigeria, and the way forward is what we speak and seek as citizens. God bless Nigeria.

Mazi Gerald C. Raphael reporting, Obinwannem News

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