Orlu crisis: Army, police ‘whisking’ residents to an unknown destination

Obinwannem News Orlu crisis: Army, police 'whisking' residents to an unknown destination

Corroborative reports revealed that Nigerian security forces; army, and police are carrying out unwarranted arrest of innocent residents to an undisclosed location.

Obinwannem News had earlier reported https://www.obinwannemnews.com/tension-as-nigerian-air-force-combs-orlu-in-search-of-esn/.

Today, Obinwannem News gathered that residents “whisked away” on suspicion that they belonged to the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, while others were arrested for supposedly having links to the Eastern Security Network, ESN.

A source said, “the military, in collusion with the police are arresting clerics and invading church premises. They claimed that pastors were shielding IPOB members, and also energising ESN operatives.”

Another resident said, “It is true that their military jets hovered over our areas. They released fire into the bushes around my father’s farm. Thank God, none of his co-workers were on the site, but we saw the traces of fire. Now they are arresting innocent residents, the police and the army personnels are entering houses and churches and arresting people”.

An eyewitness also said they were scared of the air strikes yesterday; remembering what happened during the last incident when Nigerian army and members of the ESN reportedly clashed, following an offensive by the military to flush out members of the ESN from places suspected to be their camps in Orlu.

“People stayed indoors to observe what will happen. Since they weren’t shooting, activities resumed as people go about doing their normal routine. But, there is fear and panic in their mind. Anything can happen,” he said.

Another resident said: “They are still looking for the members of ESN. We know they don’t have any business with us, but they cannot be predicted.”

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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