Opinion: Did Obi or Okonkwo condemn recent massacre in Enugwu State openly?

Obinwannem News Opinion: Did Obi or Okonkwo condemn recent massacre in Enugwu State openly?

Please pardon me, my people. Did you hear or see Peter Obi or Kenneth Okonkwo speak out against the recent massacre in Enugwu State?

Opinion: At this point, they should be demonstrating to our people how leaders can defend their territory without regard for personal gain.

Let’s start, my people, by taking lessons from the past in order to prevent regrets in the future.

Igbo people needs a fearless, outspoken leader, such as Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu and those close to him.

When they are campaigning for the office of Labour Party against what Nigerians consider to be dead parties, such as PDP, APC, etc., Kenneth Okonkwo and Peter Obi always show up as more intelligent.

Although they have no good plans for the Igbo race and 90% of their goals in life are not compatible with the Igbo race structure, if they truly loved the Igbo race, they would always stand with the mindset of the Igbo race throughout the world.

The Igbo race is lacking represented. International TV or radio where people can ask Igbo politicians free questions about their mission towards Igbo race as they used to going to one Nigeria TV or radio to blackmail Igbo race mission.

Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu founded Biafra Radio and Biafra TV in response to what Peter Obi and Kenneth Okonkwo are currently doing to the Igbo race.

I hope that this Igbo generation’s youth will quickly understand the game that one deadly Nigerian politician is playing to them and quickly start using their media platforms to defend themselves and their failed states.

Nwa Ugwu Okechukwu writer Obinwannem News / 27/11/2022

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