Opinion: Clubs Should Start Signing Experienced Coaches Instead Of Their Legend Players

Obinwannem News Opinion: Clubs Should Start Signing Experienced Coaches Instead Of Their Legend Players

Football is one of the most competitive and popular sports in the world. In football, every team must ensure they make use of the right tactics, players, and formation if they want to win their matches.

It is not easy for a football team to achieve success, except through hard work, dedication, and with the right tactics. Apart from football players, football coaches also play a very important role in football.

A football coach bears some of the responsibilities for the team. The success or failure of a team mostly depends on the coach. Most of the successful clubs in the world are successful because they have the right coaches.

The first step any club must take is to find the right coach who can lead the team to success. A lot of football coaches have been sacked because they were unable to make use of the right tactics or players that would make their team successful. One of the reasons football coaches are sacked is because of their inexperience.

A lot of big clubs have made a lot of mistakes in selecting coaches, and this has yielded negative results. It is now very common to see football clubs signing their past players. When a football club signs their legend, it proves they have a lot of trust in their abilities.

However, big clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, Man UTD, or Chelsea should stop making this mistake of signing past players. These clubs have some of the best players in the world who have a lot of experience.

If a team with the best players wants to succeed, they need a coach with a lot of experience. It is right to sign a legendary player, provided he has the experience needed to lead the club.
However, there are some coaches who were past players for their various clubs, whose performances are commendable. One of these coaches is Mikel Arteta.

Barcelona and Juventus have previously made the mistake of signing their legends, and it yielded negative results.

Barcelona have once again signed their legendary player, Xavi. Before Xavi’s appointment, he was the coach of Al Sadd. Although Xavi had a good season at Al Sadd, he might not have the experience to coach

Xavi has been a coach for about two years. A person with this coaching experience is not good for a team like Barcelona.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer/November 9, 2021

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