Odeshi: the traditional bullet proof, the truth and the lies

Obinwannem News Odeshi: the traditional bullet proof, the truth and the lies

Stories have been propelled about the traditional ‘bullet proof’ known as the “Odeshi,” in Igbo. These long-aged speculations, however, are connected to the efficacy; factual, scientific proof of the traditional bullet proof.

Many people express divergent views of what the Odeshi is all about. Some say it is potent; while others say it is powerless and/or ineffective. The main criticism against the traditional bullet proof (odeshi) is its lack of scientific proof, but then does science have everything figured out?

The odeshi is the Igbo traditional bullet proof, it is has existed from the beginning of Igbo race. It is believed to protect anyone using it against gun bullets, machete cuts, and every other weapon that can take a man’s life.

The odeshi has being tested over the years and trusted to be effective. Most local security personnels use it to protect themselves. In Igboland, warriors do fortify themselves with the protection of the Odeshi before they embark upon a battle.

Although this process has no scientific backups; it could be termed a tested hypotheses, which Igbo people have utilised, upon till now, to saving their lives.

Many notorious criminals who terrorized people could have done that with the backing of ‘Odeshi’. It was almost impossible to kill them.

In our contemporary society, it has been confirmed on several occasions, by the police, that men who tend to he immortal (not being killed by gun shots) are under the protection of the traditional bullet proof. The more reason they lived that long. People like “Derico” and “Chiejile” of Onitsha, Anambra State, who unleashed terror on people living in the surrounding environment, were believed to be almost immortals due to the power of the Odeshi.

The Odeshi is simply a protective charm; it is prepared by the Igbo traditional doctors using naturals herbs and other materials (recipes) as demanded by the gods. It is meant to protect the bearer against all forms of weapons that can take a person’s life.

As a journalist, I have been opportuned to witness the power of the Odeshi in the course of my work, and I will tell anyone that cares to listen that it is real; whether or not there is a scientific proof. The Odeshi has been proven to be highly effective against bullets from den guns , pump action rifles and as well Ak47 assault rifles, this is the kind of guns used in the Igbo society.

However, it has not been proven if the odeshi works against bombs , missiles, RPG and other sophisticated battle weapons.

Furthermore, the man bearing the odeshi is expected to be upright at some point and abstain from whatever regulation prescribed by native doctor in order not to reduce the potency of the Odeshi.

An Igbo traditional doctor Chukwuneme Oguejiofor said “The world is above us and we can’t explain everything in it, but if the question is whether the odeshi works, I would say yes, it does. I would have been killed without it”

He stated emphatically that the odeshi should not be used for the wrong purposes like, assassination of innocent humans, robbing people of their property, and things related to that. He said anyone indulging in such act would die before his time.

“The Odeshi is for personal protection in case of emergency, not power to intimidate others. Anyone using the power of odeshi to steal, or kill innocent humans will die before his time.”

When asked about the the regulations (Dos and Donts) on the part of the people using the power of the Odeshi, he smiled and said; “In the olden days, it used to be like that. A man bearing the Odeshi will have to avoid women and so many things, but the charms of this period has evolved to the point that you don’t need such laws anymore depending on the person that prepared it for you.”

Mazi Chukwuneme
Oguejiofor added that the Odeshi is a gift released by Chukwu Okike (the creator) to preserve our lives from the wicked ones, and further advised against the abuse of it. He warned that the odeshi works effectively with one’s faith, stating that a doubting mind may find it difficult using the power of the odeshi.

When asked if the people still come to him for Odeshi, he affirmed that youths troop to his shrine everyday to be “fortified”.

“Why not? Youths crowds my shrine daily for the Odeshi. If not that we met at a neutral place you would have seen them coming and going”

When asked why bullet, and other weapons have penetrated the bodies of most men with the Odeshi, he said: “Man is man but Chukwu is immortal. No man can live forever, so you should always have that in mind while using the Odeshi. You won’t live forever”

In conclusion, if the question is whether the Odeshi prevents bullet from killing men, the answer is yes! Does it make you an immortal? The answer is ‘No’.

Does the odeshi protect against swords , daggers and other life threatening weapons ? The answer is ‘Yes’.

The Igbo traditional practices, culture has always proofed that science is not everything. However, it is worthy to note; the Igbo race is a pioneer of science and technology (Nkà na Ụzụ́), and civilization round the globe.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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