Obinwannem leaders, solidarity message to fallen Biafra Heroes

Obinwannem News Obinwannem leaders, solidarity message to fallen Biafra Heros

Obinwannem heads raised their voices in commemoration to all Biafrans killed during the war, and even those who are killed, on a daily basis, in their fight to restore Biafra.

This statement was released in a voice message via WhatsApp, to pay respects to the dead heroes.

According to Onyeso, who resides in Hamburg Germany, the Spokesperson of Obinwannem global cultural movement foundation, who explained, those who were killed during the war, or battles, died on the land, and we all live in the land, which invariably means, that the dead lives in us, and they represent us in the spirit, why we represent them in the world.

Obinwannem News
Onye Nso Ndi Igbo Obinwannem Spokesman

In related terms, he noted that water, land, work, hand in hand. Since all dead persons, which includes our fathers, mothers, friends, and family of the Igbo race, are buried on the land, and some people are killed and put inside the water, which we will end up drinking, that the dead are still much active, in the land of the death, and that is why is important to remember at such a time.

The statement reads partly: “I want to use this opportunity to greet ‘Nna Igbo’, greetings to the mother that gave birth to Nna Igbo, today is a great day, a day of weeping, mourning, pain and remembrance. The dead were remembered because they were killed, that we might be alive, those who were killed during the war, those who are killed even today.

“I want everyone to know, that they died, for all of us to be alive, let no one pray that their killers will find peace, let no one pray that they should rest in peace, because rest in peace signifies, that the dead is in bondage, and should be allowed to rest, the prayer should be said this way, my father, you were killed, that we might live, do not keep quiet, even in the spirit world, continue to fight the war, so that we can be completely free so that those who are alive will not suffer.

“People who go to Church, says they eat flesh and blood of Christ, i am telling you, that people who died, and thrown inside the water, and fish ate them, remember that you eat fish, remember that the dead used to be buried on the land, and those they buried remember that you plant in the land.

“Remember, you drink water, remember that those who were killed and thrown in the water, their blood circulates inside the water, and you drink the water, that comes from the ground. The Church tells you blood and flesh of Christ, you eat it, remember that it is the land you stand on, the water you drink, is the access to the death of your mother, and father, the land that you live and plant, what you eat, still has roots to your ancestors, which means your ancestors “lives in you”.

Mazi Onyeso, concluded by praying to the dead heroes of Biafra land to abide in his children, and prevent shame to come upon his children, noting that Igbo ancestors, including those who are still killed today, died that we might live”.

Obinwannem News
Obinwannem leaders, solidarity message to fallen Biafra Heros – Obinwannem States Chairman Amechi

However, Kingsley Amaechi, State General Secretary, Obinwannem Global, while enjoining every member, to remember dead Biafrans, who died to liberate the Igbo race from bondage, noted, the essence of Obinwannem, is to bring back our forgotten culture, and help one another, adding that all officials who are not carrying out his/her duty, should endeavour to be active.

While praying that Chukwu Okike Abiama, would help Obinwannem to achieve its aim.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News / May 30, 2021

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