Obinwannem holds the first Online Zoom Executive Meeting of all State Directors and Board Members

Obinwannem News Obinwannem holds the first Online Zoom Executive Meeting of all State Directors and Board Members

A Report of the first Online zoom Executive Meeting of all the State Directors and their executives, Obinwannem workers, members of the Obinwannem Foundation Executive Council And few delegates from Obinwannem Company Board Members

The opening Prayers was taken by Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu (Gen. Dir. Obinwannem Foundation)

Attendance to the meeting were

a). Nwa-chineke Ugwu Okechukwu (Director Gen. Obinwannem)
b). Nwa-chineke Chinedu Nnaji (Women Leader & Media Director Enugu Studio)
c). Nwa-chineke Osita Chinonso (Sec. Gen. Obinwannem Foundation)
d). Nwa-chineke Ugochukwu Ibeakamma (Head Admin/Director Obinwannem Anambra)
e). Nwa-chineke Onyeke Chekwube (Obinwannem news writer)

While the introduction was going on, Nwa-chineke Ugwu reported the difficulties some of our members were complaining of, in joining the meeting through the link that has been dropped already and asked if any of the persons in the meeting had any difficulty with the link before joining the meeting, which one of the Obinwannem news writers (Onyeka Chekwube) complained of her own experience due to multiple links but she later discovered the real link and joined.

Also one of the state representatives complained that the software cannot contain more than 10 persons at a time.

In response to that, Ugwu Okechukwu (Gen. Director Obinwannem) created another link with his second phone to contain more persons that would want to join the meeting, which solved that problem for those that are trying to be part of the meeting.

Nwa-chineke Ugwu Okechukwu after dropping the link complained bitterly about the non – responsive attitude of some of Our state executives which is evident in their work and even their response to meetings, he described such acts as rebellious and further admonished all obinwannem and Igbo faithful to always be proud of whom they are at all times.

He also asked the General Sec Obinwannem Foundation Nwa-chineke Osita Chinonso who said he never encountered any form of difficulties in joining the meeting, he also advised that those still facing difficulties should check if they had their email logged in in their phone because once you click the link dropped it will direct you through your email.

After that Nwa-chineke Ugwu decided that the meeting should continue because he had made extra provisions for those who are yet to join and most of the concerned state leaders have joined already, Nwa-chineke Chidera Ogbodo (Enugu State Director) joined with Nwa-chineke Anthony Nnamani, after introductions, there were 11 state representatives that had joined from our different member states, Nwada Ogechi Nnaji (General Treasurer Obinwannem Foundation) and Adindu Chiemena (Enugu State PRO) joined also.

Gen. director Ugwu Okechukwu while delivering his welcome speech to all the state representatives said that he will take the blame for the 30mins difference in the original starting time announced for the meeting which was 4 pm (Biafran time) but it later started at 4:30 pm (Biafran time),

And he further recognized the attendance and presence of some of the State Directors, their executives, Obinwannem workers present and some of the Obinwannem Foundation Executive Members present with a few board Members of Obinwannem Company.

Among the over 15 member executives that were in attendance are mainly representatives from Enugu & Anambra State, There were no representatives from Imo, Abịa and Ebonyi state chapters present as at the time the meeting started which Nwa-chineke Ugwu described as not encouraging.

After that Nwa-chineke Ugwu continued with his speech by giving a breakdown explanation of Obinwannem Foundation, Obinwannem Company And Obinwannem Media Company, how each of these strong arms of Obinwannem was initiated, challenges so far, all the progress and losses and most importantly the current stage of affairs in every arm of Obinwannem.

He stated that Obinwannem Foundation & Obinwannem Company is what we are doing,
He then pointed out the need for all the ỤMỤ Igbo and every member of Obinwannem to embrace OBINWANNEM SOCIAL NETWORK, because it’s one of our true owns and we should use it efficiently to promote our culture and dignity in our own ways, He said that everything about OBINWANNEM SOCIAL NETWORK is ready and in place and promised Android users that the app will be on google play store soon but assured they can always access it through google. is a section under Obinwannem Company which was initiated to promote our culture and traditions, for writing our history, making our voices to be heard all over the world and exposing the evil ones and their evil doings to the whole world and also to give accurate and up to date news, so as to overtake those agencies that been used to torment us.

He also expressed his joy for the meeting and said that such had not been organized since after the Inauguration of Obinwannem in Obu Gad, Enugu-Aguleri in Anambra East LGA
And expressed his belief in the spirit of everyone present in that executive meeting and prayed that these new spirits will be the beginning of new exploits in OBINWANNEM and to all ỤMỤ Igbo in general.

Obinwannem Foundation according to Nwa-chineke Ugwu is where the people of Obinwannem store their database, all saved on our website, There you will see all the data and information about everything and pictures also, because of future purposes and also to portray our preparedness in what we stand for.

In Obinwannem Company, there are:- BOARD MEMBERS: Those that have been propelling the affairs of Obinwannem till it gets to its current stage, that’s according to Nwa-chineke Ugwu Okechukwu Gen. Director OBINWANNEM who report a decision through an agreement by the General Members of the board that One Percent (1%) share of Obinwannem Company Investment will be sold at $1,000, Anyone that has up to Five Percent(5%) share which is at $,5000 is automatically a member of the board, but anyone at any number of share below 5% shares will not be qualified to be part of the board members but such person still reserve his/her rights as a shareholder of the company and is accorded all benefits as regards to that both financially and otherwise.

In Obinwannem Investment, he further explained the positions in Obinwannem Foundation and Obinwannem Company, which he said that One Umbrella carries both, Foundation is set up to induct people of like minds and visions for the Company which was why it was split into three phases.

It also assured everyone that even if you don’t have any experience to work that Obinwannem will provide you with the necessary training, He further explained the various Positions of Obinwannem Company and how everything is going.

Some of the positions include:-

CEO —- {Chief Executive Officer}
CFO —— {Chief Financial Officer}
CMO —- { Chief Marketing Officer}
CTO —- { Chief Technology Officer}

Among other,

He also explained the structure of OBINWANNEM Foundation, which requires 10 Officials from all the five (5) Igbo states to start with.

Enugu is set already, Anambra on the other hand has just appointed a new director in Eze Ugonna.

Positions in Obinwannem Foundation are:-

a). Directors
b). Asst. Directors
c). Secretary Generals
d). Asst. Sec Gen
e). PROs
f). Financial Secretary
g). Provost
h). Reporters
I). Asst. Reporters

Every member state must have these officials, for the Obinwannem Foundation
And Obinwannem has a General Financial Secretary / Treasurer in Ogechi Nnaji.

He further said that we should endeavour to fish out and complete all the positions from all the five member states for Obinwannem Foundation to kick off properly in Igbo land and all over the world.

OBINWANNEM SOCIAL NETWORK is meant to promote who we are as Igbo nation and for our voices to be heard when we promote our talents and cultural dignity We have:- Obinwannem News English on Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram And Obinwannem News Igbo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram The Foundation is based on data’s, visitations, and promotion.

Obinwannem all over the world, These are Obinwannem Projets
Obinwannem Official managing team;

Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu (Obinwannem Ndi Igbo)
Lolo Obiageli Okoli
Lolo Chinedu Nnaji
Mazi Nweke Nnenna (Tu pac)
Mazi Chidera Ogbodo
Nwada Ogechi Nnaji
Lolo Ijeoma Njoku & Nwada Onyeke Chekwube

He further solicited more commitments from Obinwannem members, He then called on Nwa-chineke Nnenna to address everyone present as a member of the company board members but Nnenna was disconnected at that point in time due to network issues.

Which made him call on Nwada Nnaji Chinedu the Enugu media director to share her experience and also tell us her challenges so far, Our Nsukka studio director Nwada chinedu Nnaji said that the movement is moving positively in spite of all the challenges they face most times due to financial constraints which have made them unable to pay their existing workers as supposed not to talk of recruiting new workers in some important departments that needs recruitment.

She reported the product of the meeting she had on our behalf with some of the personnel that will guide us on setting up a radio station 🚉, and said that what we can afford to start with is community radio 📻 station 🚉 which will cost us above 1.5 million Naira to set up for work.

She further pointed out the role of setting up a radio station which will go a long way in projecting Obinwannem and what we stand for to our brothers and sister around us.

After her report Nwa-chineke Ugwu called for more experience from our members in setting up our radio station saying that we need both Igbo and English Broadcasters, he also solicited for sponsorships to sustain the work and complete our works on the ground.

Some workers and their salaries

1). Ijeoma Njoku (Obinwannem Chief Writing) – #30,000
But it’s currently paid #10,000
2). Onyeke Chekwube (Asst. Chief Writer) – #20,000
But is currently paid #5,000

He then brought up a new suggestion for the payment of Obinwannem workers, according to Nwada Onyeke Chekwube ( the asst. writer) she said that their major challenge most time is how to sustain their data subscription demands for work which is majorly online which makes them not to stay online as supposed.

After these Mazi Ugwu now talked about Shares and Investment in the Company,
He said that the Company is estimated at $250,000,
Over $60,000 having already been invested, the company was just needing like $20,000 more to boast everything and One Percent (1%) share in Obinwannem is at $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars), that’s about the shares of Obinwannem.

The Tax we pay is for the 10% ( Ten Percent) share set aside for those that have talents, they will work for Obinwannem and will not be paid as supposed, some of the worker’s start-up payment is #20,000, and in a case where the person is been paid #5,000 per month instead of #20,000, the remaining #15,000 will be used in buying some percentage shares on monthly basis depending on the number of months the person worked and the amount involved, in this regard, for you to have up to 1% (One Percent) share in Obinwannem, you must have up to $1,000 ( one thousand dollars) investment in Obinwannem.

Then those that don’t have money but are willing to be paying some certain amount are allowed to be paying in instalments depending on the amount you can pay and once your monthly contributions are up to $1,000(one thousand dollars) you will be one of the shareholders in obinwannem, and once you become a shareholder, you will start earning some percentage from all the business activities of obinwannem.

But in a case where your monthly contributions were not up to #500,000 or $1,000 in the space of 3 years, Obinwannem will calculate and refund you all your money and may add a little compensation interest and the idea of tax is for those that cannot pay for the shares once.

After this, he gave room for suggestions Anambra State Director ( Eze Ugonna) said that everything said is ok by him and he is in total support and will work towards complementing the agreement on his own side After that, Nwa-chineke Ugwu Okechukwu called on Enugu State Director (Mazi Chidera Ogbodo) who said that Enugu State is working in good shape among all the difficulties they face and further suggested that Obinwannem should set up a kind of business ( buying &selling) which will be sponsored by all concerned and we can also generate some funds to cater for some of our financial needs, pay up some bill and pay our workers and further said that one of the reasons why we are yet to hit the targeted milestone is due to financial constraints and we have to follow it gradually.

Mazi Ugwu explained his past experience as regards the suggestions which was the reason why he never mentioned it because he want everything about Obinwannem to be for all ỤMỤ igbo not for some set of persons to enhance themselves.

He then called on other participants in the meeting who all expressed their support and commitment in Obinwannem and also demanded for truthfulness in all our doing.

Nwa-chineke Ugwu Okechukwu then made a closing remark and enjoined everyone to pay their monthly taxes as when due for us to meet up with some financial demands considering that we are still in the investment stage of the project and demanded that the PRO and the Provost should always make sure that everyone is carried along and encouraged us all to always be bold and truthful in all that is right.

He then committed everyone in the hands of Chukwu Okike Abiama and reassured everyone that our meeting time remains 1:30minutes and the delay in the closing time was due to the delays when some of us were joining the meeting. The closing prayers was taken by Nwada Chinedu Nnaji after giving some vote of thanks

Obinwannem Ofu obi……..
Obinwannem Ofu obi……..
Obinwannem Ofu obi……..

Compiled by
Mazi Osita B. Chinonso
(Secretary General Obinwannem Foundation)

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