Northern leaders against restructuring are ‘selfish’ – El-Rufai

Obinwannem News Northern leaders against restructuring are 'selfish' – El-Rufai

The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, described Northern leaders who are opposed by the restructuring of Nigeria as “selfish,” adding that they do no speak for the Northern people.

The governor considered the rate of poverty and illiteracy in the Northern region, concluded that the North has no advantage in the current situation of Nigeria.

In an address in Abuja on Tuesday, during a session at the 26th National Economic Summit, the governor stated that efforts were being made to transmit the draft bill to the National Assembly for consideration .

The Governor advised Nigerians to understand the difference between the position of some Northerners, and the North as a region.

Noting that the draft bill was submitted to the Federal government in January 2018 by the committee led by himself. El-Rufai said in order to prevent the bill from being politicized, the committee had to step it down.

He insisted that the position of most members of the ruling All Progressives Congress was that the bill be passed into law based on its diverse benefits to the country .

He said, “We have the highest number of out- of – school children. We have the highest poverty rate. We have the lowest JAMB cut -off rate. So, what are the advantages in the North in the current situation?

“As the Governor of Kaduna State, I have had to look at these issues and try to see how I can get the people of my state up on the ladder . I think you need to differentiate the knowledge from a few and the voice of the silent majority.

“If there are northern leaders today, by virtue of the fact that I am a governor, I must be there. So, who are these northerners against restructuring? Who are they? Who are they speaking for?

“Let us have a very honest , unemotional conversation without looking down on people or insulting them or framing them.”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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