Northern groups urge FG to evict herders from the South

Obinwannem News Northern groups urge FG to evict herders from the South

The Coalition of Northern groups , CNG, has called on the federal government to take urgent steps, and “evacuate all herdermen currently in the South,” back home, following the resolution by the Southern Nigeria States, prohibiting free movement of herders and their cattles in the region.

This was contained in a statement issued by the spokesman of CNG, Abdul Azeeze Suleman, noting there were “only ten percent” of Fulani herdsmen, doing business in the entire South.

He stated: “With the incessant show of animosity against pastoral communities by the South, and their leaders, it has become a matter of urgent necessity for the federal government of Nigeria, to take steps to evacuate the remaining ten percent of herders currently in the South, back home.

“With the onset of the fresh systematic vilification of the herdsmen at the official level, it is important to evacuate them peacefully; since apparently, their security could not be guaranteed in their host communities in the Southern parts of the country.

“A study has shown that with all the overhyped hatred for the pastoral communities by the South and their leaders, only ten percent of herders live in the entire South, which can conveniently be accommodated in the North,” Suleman said.

Nevertheless, CNG, also told Northern Governors to commence preparation to receive the returning fulani communities, and their livestock asset by identifying suitable grazing lands for them and making sufficient allowance for farmers at the same time.

The group, however, warned that the nation would be treading dangerous grounds, if it continued to tolerate the “demonization of entire groups over particular types of crime, which the Asaba declaration by the 17 Southern Governors seeks to carry out”.

“We call on President Muhammadu Buhari, and state governors to act now, to protect law abiding members of the fulani communities from a falling trap set by the aggressive policy of the Southern Governors, who apparently believes that Fulani has no right in Nigeria “.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News | May 27, 2021

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