Nnamdi Kanu reacts as Ondo gov makes u-turn on Fulani herders’ eviction

Obinwannem News Nnamdi Kanu reacts as Ondo gov makes u-turn on Fulani herders' eviction

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has faulted Rotimi Akeredolu, the Governor of Ondo state for retracting his initial order asking the Fulani herders to vacate forest reserves in the State.

Akeredolu has asked the Fulani herders to acquire grazing permit to be allowed into the State’s forest.

Prior to the governor’s order for acquisition of grazing permit, he had given orders for all herdsmen to vacate the forest reserves within seven days, following criminal activities carried out by the herdsmen; which has plunged the state into insecurity.

Meanwhile, Akeredolu’s ultimatum to the herders have gained the attention of the Federal government and other prominent Nigerians positively and otherwise thereby, raising dusts across the country.

Akeredolu who appears intimidated, sequel to the condemnation by Nigeria presidency; and verbal attacks from Fulani Nationalist Movement (FUNAM), made a reversal; saying that herdsmen could operate only with a permit.

Reacting, Nnamdi Kanu slammed the governor for bowing easily to threats, adding that Akeredolu’s resistance didn’t last long.

In a statement, Nnamdi Kanu said, “Somehow I knew he didn’t have the balls to withstand the Janjaweed Caliphate. His resistance didn’t last long did it?

“Like his Eastern counterparts he has capitulated. Which one is Herdsmen Permit, biko nu? You mean you have government licensed terrorists operating in Yoruba forests? No wonder Pa Fasoranti’s daughter was murdered on Yoruba soil by these licensed killers in Yorubaland.

“Everybody knows Fulani herdsmen (Miyetti Allah) are the dreaded killer bandits and terrorists, raping, kidnapping and pillaging our indigenous communities. Only God knows what they have promised this governor or perhaps the media heat from the caliphate is too much for him to bear.

“My Yoruba folks, especially the youths, please learn something from #ESN, defend your land and forests yourselves with your lives. If you surrender your future to these unstable politicians, your children and those unborn will be slaves forever.

“If in doubt look at what became of the once great Hausa race. Today Fulani oligarchs have reduced them to nothing, absolutely nothing. A once proud, tolerant, loving and technologically advaced race like the Hausa is now worse than a used tissue paper because they made the same mistakes Yoruba youths are about to make today.

“Sokoto was once a thriving Hausa city called Gobir until Fulanis from Sene-Gambia asked and were given permission to graze their cattle in their bushes. Before they realised what was hapening their land was taken over and renamed before their eyes. Yoruba wake up and stand your ground. If you compromise now, you are finished.”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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