Nigerians ask Soyinka to head protest over fuel hike

Obinwannem News Nigerians ask Soyinka to head protest over fuel hike

Nigerian playwright and activist Wole Soyinka has been under pressure to lead a protest against the persistent increase in price of petrol as he did during the past administration.

The government had apologized about the speculated increase and debunked plans to increase the price “for now”. However, some Nigerians took to social media (Twitter); complained that Soyinka should at least voice out against the said petrol price increment.

FG confirms return of subsidy as petrol price gears ₦212.61. According to the template, which the PPRA later deleted, petrol was expected to sell at a lower price of 209.61 and at an upper retail price of 212.6. But, Nigerian marketers usually stick to the upper band for pump price.

Many Nigerians are doubting the NNPC that there would not be any hike in petrol price in March, following the persistent increase in almost all the fuel stations across the country.

A throwback publication of ‘The Punch Newspaper’ was re-published where Soyinka described former President Goodluck Jonathan as “worse than Nebuchadnezzar”.

Regarding the recent development, Nigerians argued that Soyinka could have repeated his actions during the fuel subsidy removal during Jonathan regime; others noted he was too old to embark on a protest.

@ejirogh3ne said: “Defending Soyinka after he put in 2015 is wrong. If you claim he is older now and can’t lead, he can as well do a press conference from the comfort of his home, he did that with Jonathan”.

“Our daddy Wole Soyinka must talk, he did it for GEJ, we are waiting for you sir,” @Adefehin Oladeji tweeted.

@ I am-Kingbuchui said: “Wole Soyinka saw how terrible Buhari’s Government was from 1983-1985 and he still campaigned for him. This argument this morning is vexing me already. If he feels he can’t come out to talk, let him invite the press to his house”.

Conversely, one said others should rise up, and take up the challenge; that Soyinka has played his part.

@festusgreen said, “How old was Femi Kuti, Atiku, Buhari, Saraki, Tinubu, Wole Soyinka, Yemi Osibanjo, etc, when they (did) occupy Nigeria during Goodluck Jonathans Administration?

” Wole Soyinka was 80 years old then, he made his choice, just like everyone else. I honestly think we should move on!

“Wole soyinka has paid his dues and at 86 years of age, he should never venture into any protest again. Period! He is speaking against this bad governance, the way he was doing during Jonathan,” he reacted.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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