Nigerian masses command world respect with protests

Obinwannem News Nigerian masses command world respect with protests

Nigerian masses command world respect with protests

The #EndSARS protests have hit the country like a storm, taking over daily activities in Africas most populous nation.

Youths and ordinary citizens decided to take their case to the governments of the world by using digital protests, bringing the world to notice the biased media coverage or the lack of it by the major news outlets, domestic and foreign in Nigeria.

The protests gained intensity over social media, with large crowds trooping out on the streets to demand the government shut down the dreaded Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, a police unit widely regarded as the perpetrators of the heinous crimes they were empowered to combat.

World powers and popular figures have shown support for the protesters, the likes of Mezut Ozil, Kanye West and John Boyega have called on the government to listen to the demands of their citizens, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is asking for donations to help protesters.

The hashtag #EndSARS have since gone viral with over 4 million Tweets and Retweets online.

Mazi Ichelle Mbanefo reporting, Obinwannem News

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