Nigeria: The federal government must initiate negotiations before its too late

Obinwannem News We have trained men and women who will infiltrate and attack Nigeria massively with biological weapons and also match their outdated firepower commensurately

The last one month has been full of fear and uncertainty more especially after I was contacted by a source from the Middle East who with all certainty is passionately sympathetic to Biafra question.

In our discussion, the source who seems to be a specialist of warfare sounded mean and vengeful and also reiterated the fact that there won’t be any form of alternative to Biafra restoration no matter the prevailing circumstance. While interacting with this source, I posed a lot of pressing questions to him which he gave mind-blowing answers that rattled me to a standstill but a little of it will be made known in this report.

Till date, I am yet to come to terms what will become of Nigeria if they should fail this time to call for a negotiation which I believe will address the Biafra question. Anything short of that will be too dangerous to deal with. Though, the information which this source divulged to me was described by him as a tip of an iceberg. Which means that; what is behind is bigger when compared to what he passed on to me.

The source which I address as commander Zero for security reasons authoritatively informed me that there is a serious military build-up somewhere and that in due time their presence will be announced to the world. The era of killing, intimidating and illegal incarceration of Biafrans is coming to an end, the source said. When I further asked commander Zero if there are foreign allies who are behind this military build-up, he said yes but he will not mention them.

According to him, the training of these combatants whom he addresses as gorilla fighters and the mobilization of light and heavy weapons started since 2015. And much of this is been carried out through the aid of military-industrial complex of the power brokers around the globe. Recounting what transpired in 1967 to 1970, I asked commander Zero, in case if there is fierce confrontation from the power that is in Nigeria if negotiation should fail, how will the civilians be protected from the military aggression of Nigeria? Zero who appears visibly angry from the tone of his response said, “they won’t attempt it.

We have trained men and women who will infiltrate and attack Nigeria massively with biological weapons and also match their outdated firepower commensurately. Showing of Military force will mark the disastrous end of Nigeria. We are more sophisticated and wired around the world unlike before.

And moreover, Nigeria can’t stand the sabotage they will face from those government they see as their friends”. He continued, “if Nigeria can’t stand a poorly trained and illiterate Bokoharam fighters in the Northeast, how will they confront our army that is made up of both MSc and Ph.D. holders?. How will they stand scientists who are experts in nuclear weapon production? Scientists who have developed biological weapons that kills within a space of one minute!.

This is more than the eye can behold”. However, after spending approximately one month investigating and analyzing classified materials provided by commander Zero, I became so much convinced that the table will be turned drastically if Nigeria should remain unyielding and resort to the use of force as usual in addressing the plight of Biafra.

I say this based on the information I am privy to. The government of Nigeria should not think they have won the war. A greater one is coming if they should fail to do the needful. I will say, let’s avoid doing anything that will lead to unnecessary bloodshed. The power that be must call for a serious negotiation. Is better we start searching for a black goat during the day before it gets dark.

A stitch in time saves nine. More of my discussion with commander Zero will be made available in my subsequent essays as I will be officially returning to my writing desk. May Okike bless everyone who will stand and resist every form of injustice against humanity.

Source: Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a Political Analyst, Investigative and Freelance Journalist

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