Nigeria ranked alongside South Sudan as the worst country in the world – Simon Ekpa

Obinwannem News Nigeria ranked alongside South Sudan as the worst country in the world - Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa Wrote – For those of you who always make references to South Sudan whenever we talk about Biafra, here is your good morning.

After the video of yesterday exposing Nigeria military involvement in abducting Christian servicemen and handing them over to ISIS West Africa, The President revisited the social media bill and commented about it.

Whatever bill you are passing in Nigeria applies to you in the evil forest. We will naked Nigeria to the world until you call for a referendum.

The Boko Haram Military are looking for a way to stop Nigerians from taking video clips of their abduction otherwise what is the of banning using a mobile phone in military checkpoints? Nigerians must resist that!

How else would you capture the Military atrocities? More checkpoints are in the old Eastern Region, so they are targeting our people during this Christmas and it must be resisted. I am calling on Nigerians to start putting cameras on their body.

Finally, why would ChannelsTV report that those 3 men killed were taking from a fake Military checkpoint since the military claim they do not know the video nor abduction?

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  • My dear brother keep it up we are with you I am EZENWANYI NDIGBO NA Belgium Ada biafra, we the umuada igbo Belgium we are the people that pay the condolence visite to Nnamdi Kalu parent visite in Afara ugwu ibeku. And also we turched
    the life of those widows they killed there husband’s in Payton dance . And not ipob Belgium. But UMUADA IGBO BELGIUM Thanks and God bless you. I DON’T MISS YOUR LOVELY BROCASE.

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