Nigeria: Femi Fani Kayode a dog that returned to it’s vomits

Obinwannem News Nigeria: Femi Fani Kayode a dog that returned to it's vomits

The most shameless and disgusting being I’ve ever seen all my life is Chief Femi Fani Kayode Alias (FFK). He has thrown shame to gutters without any iota of decorum. Instead of a man to spill out vomit and go back to it, it is better he doesn’t grace this earth.

This is a man who has always been on the news not for anything good but negative actions and behavior since he served out as the Nigeria Minister on Aviation. This is a man who has never seen anything good in this present government of Buhari and who has granted several interviews on our National dailies and Television vowing that nothing on earth would ever make him have a handshake with the President not to talk of working with him.

No wonder Rochas Okorocha described him as “an over pampered buffoon who has never struggled for anything as the benevolent spirit has cracked his egg and sold his shame in the market”. I don’t blame him since he has squandered his father’s wealth and the ones he made to women and has been rated as the most womanizer ever in the country. Maybe his account is now showing red and has decided to cash out on our wealth thus his defection to a party he cursed for over six years it came into existence.

No sane being will ever listen to this man again nor take him serious for anything, it is glaring now that he never meant what he professed and can do anything for money. It is most unfortunate, barbaric and very uncalled for and it is very pathetic that a man of his calibre can accept to be so rubbished because of money and power.

The vultures are gathering again to continue on the feasting on our collective wealth. God help the poor masses of this county.

Mazi Nwokwu Chukwuemeka reporting, Obinwannem News reporter September 26, 202

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