Nigeria: Economic Terrorism Attacks Spread Widely in Biafra Land

Obinwannem News This should be a great concern for victims like us.

The uprise in the attack against the economical sectors in Biafra land by the Nigerian government hiding under the breath of Fulani indigenous is so alarming. This should be a great concern for victims like us.

In a desperate bid by the Nigerian State to completely wreck the economic developmental growth of the indigenous Biafran population who are forcefully caged in the Nigerian contraption, the federal government has relentlessly been churning out despotic policies aimed totally and permanently, at mortgaging the future of Biafra citizens.

Though some questions could probably up to regarding what the Governors within the South-East and South-South regions are doing to effect positive changes in the lives of the people instead, these self-serving political merchants have surreptitiously been aiding the Nigerian oppressive government to kill, maim and subject their people to misery and strangulation.

Words will not suffice to fully describe the level of the dastardly effects the obnoxious economic and political policies of the Nigerian government, have meted on Biafrans over the years. This desperate strangulation drive cuts across every segment of the citizens’ well-being including the increase in taxation which is much more than what obtains in other parts of the country.

Others are a total shutdown of airports and seaports, dilapidated roads, failed healthcare delivery systems, deliberate destruction of indigenous livelihood, vegetation and aquatic lives through persistent oil spillages, the militarisation of the entire regions and suffocation/denial of freedom vis-a-vis exercise of fundamental human rights.

It is shamefully disappointing that there is no existence of a single Federal Government presence in Biafraland as there is absolutely no genuine leadership in whatever shape, with the willingness to exert the needed pressure on the Nigerian government to accede to the just demands of developmental projects that will impact positively on the life of the citizenry.

The disgusting mediocrity of the so-called intelligentsia cum the hypocritical Igbo leadership are not only demeaning but treacherous. These opportunists are grossly unperturbed and view the demands for the well-being of their people as entirely immaterial. They instead are hell-bent, aiding the oppressive Nigerian government in the destruction of the same people they are supposed to protect.

There is invariably no other region in Nigeria that is exempted from having either seaports, dry ports or airports except Biafraland where they daily harvest the resources that sustain the powers that be and their respective enclaves. The evil policy of enslavement and subjugation has so meticulously been implemented, has grievously alienated the people from the federal government’s investments.

How then on earth and even in the face of this level of institutionalized injustice, could individuals of such low esteem and substance, be calling for Igbo presidency? What do they have to offer now to lift Biafrans, out of the pit of decades of misery and servitude? What hope have the people, getting their welfare bettered within their indigenous territories? These snitches shamelessly serve as agents of shrewd Nigerian arrangement and tools of the oppressive Islamic caliphate.

The purported Igbo presidency is a hoax floated for deception and must be completely rejected by the Biafra indigenous population to preserve their future and their land.

Furthering their tyrannical agenda of subjugation, strangulation and penury, the Nigerian government in criminal connivance with the Fulani caliphate stooges in Government Houses across Biafraland, have succeeded in creating the worst form of ethnic despotism through the imposition of high tax rates on commuters to the tune of seventy seven (77) toll gates within the region alone while other regions of Arewa North with vast land and Oduduwaland combined, have less number of toll gates and tax cuts.

The implication, therefore, is that Biafrans have to pay for the lives they live. This the set time for us to collectively defend our future as a people from the grip of strangulation and imposition of orchestrated penury.

Written By Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere Obinwannem News

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