Ngige’s desire to rule Nigeria is supported by the South East

Obinwannem News Ngige's desire to rule Nigeria is supported by the South East

In respect toward what Dele Momodu previously stated about the “owners of Nigeria,” that is, a small group of people whose influence determines the leadership of a country with a population of over 200 million people, a re-evaluation of our top leadership recruiting process is overdue.

The incorrect examination of this should give way to a serious analysis of everyone desiring to lead Nigeria’s sales presentation. No Nigerian, especially the “owners,” should be in any doubt about the terrible consequence of leadership born on whims and primarily responsible for the country’s fundamental retardation.

Nigeria is advancing alongside the rest of the world in this new era. The people of Nigeria will no longer be able to live with the normalcy of yesterday. On our faces, it’s already exploding.

Every indicator pointing in the direction of a cohesive, wealthy, progressive, and happy nation is pointing in the other direction. We can only keep pretending at our perilous perilous perilous perilous perilous perilous perilous It’s all about leadership. All of the elements that build great nations swirl around it. And persons capable of rescuing Nigeria and putting it on the fast track to true revival may be found in every area of the country.

Mazi Akachukwu Udoka, Obinwannem News writer / Jan 27/01/2022

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