Ndi-Igbo must support Kanu’s security outfit, says Igbo-US soldier

obinwannem News Ndi-Igbo must support Kanu's security outfit, says Igbo-US soldier

A United States ranked military personnel of Igbo origin, Akachukwu Okeke otherwise known as Lawrence Patterson, has thrown his support behind the constitution of an Eastern Security Network (ESN) by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Following various posts from the soldier, Okeke, who applauded the IPOB leader; he also tasked the Igbo people to support the move, adding that the state of insecurity in Nigeria is alarming.

He also said the ESN security personnels who were displayed in a 9-minute-video appeared disciplined, adding that he was more impressed over the looks on their faces.

Okeke further explained the need for the security outfit, pointing at the death of Agnes Okekpe who was ganged raped by Fulani herdsmen on her farm in Anambra and died in her home state of Ebonyi State in July.

He said, “Just watched a 9 min video of the Eastern Security Network. As a soldier, you can’t help but recognize things and with support, they will be successful.

“They were very disciplined in their display of military drill and ceremony. What impressed me the most were their faces.

“They believe in what they are doing… I hope they receive the suppprt and backing of the PEOPLE. The coming months will be interesting.

“I saw women there too… No slay queen bullshit.

“If you doubt or want to speak out against ESN, look up any video or story of a Igbo woman raped and cut to pieces.

“Even some elderly women who have worked their farms all of their life and deserved to die naturally in peace were not spared horrible deaths.

“I want you to come back here with a conscious and tell me ESN is a horrible idea.

“Here I made it easier for you. Agnes Okekpe was gang raped as she was a laborer on a farm in Anambra, and died in her home state of Ebonyi. She was raped so much until SHE LOST CONSCIOUSNESS.

Go ahead with your woke self and tell me a security organization in the South-East isn’t needed when the politicians have woefully failed to act on the behalf of the people.”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting obinwannem News

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