Myanmar Coup: UN Security Council holds emergency meeting

Obinwannem News Myanmar Coup: UN Security Council holds emergency meeting

A closed door meeting was held Tuesday by the United Nations (UN) Security Council to deliberate the return of civilian power following a millitary coup in Myanmar.

In early hours of Monday , Myanmar millitary TV station annonuced a state of emergency for one year, stating that power has been handed to commander-in-chief Min Sing Hlang; detaining the country’s defacto leader [Aung San suu Kyi] of the National league democracy (NLD) party, alongside other government officials. Though, there were no signs of violence.

Obinwannem News
Myanmar Coup: UN Security Council holds emergency meeting

The millitary later annouced the removal of 24 ministers and deputies, and made replacement. Soldiers blocked roads leading to major entrance. A curfew was imposed from 20:00 local time to 6:00.

However, this was due to tension between the armed forces and the government. During the last election conducted in November, the military backed party (USDP) performed poorly, while National league democracy reportedly won the election . The military demanded for a rerun claiming fraud in the election.

This led to the intervention of the UN Security Council to addressing the issue; the latter was tabled to be resolved through a draft text.

The text drafted by Britain, called for Myanmar millitary to “immediately release those unlawfully detained,” and a call for the one year state of emergency to be reppelled; also, “for all sides to adhere to democratic norm”.

UN Spokesman Stephen Dujarric on Monday said, “What is important is that international community speaks with one voice”. China foreign minister called all sides to resolve differences.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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