Miyetti Allah supports governors’ resolve to ban open grazing

Obinwannem News Miyetti Allah supports governors' resolve to ban open grazing

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, has backed the Southern governors’ resolution of placing a ban on open-grazing.

The national patron of MACBAN, Senator Walid Jubrin, also the Sarikin of Nassarawa, affirmed the ban on open grazing would solve the dispute between farmers and herdsmen in the country, while urging the Fulani organization to unite as one.

Speaking at a press conference in Kaduna, yesterday, Senator Jubrin, said, “Most importantly, the various Fulani associations with membership up to fifty (50) must come together and talk with one voice on this tradition of open grazing, and not necessarily allow any group to come out to do it for them.”

According to him, cattle rearing has been ongoing in Africa for over 100 years, without any consideration to free movement of Cattle (open grazing) or any grazing reserve.

“This was so because at that time, there were few herders, farmers and Cattle especially in Nigeria. Today, the population of both has increased, with modern technique of farming, consuming land tremendously,” he said.

The MACBAN leader explained that traditional open grazing practice is outdated, and there is need to adopt internationally modernized grazing reserves to improve grazing. He also charged Fulani elite to brace up and make themselves available, and come up with alternatives to open grazing.

Jubril urged the federal and state governments to provide grazing reserves, equipped with hospitals, nomadic schools, electricity, bore holes, Cattle markets with modern slaughtering centres, open markets; to enable them sell milk in one place, instead of roaming about.

He expressed concerns raised by groups and individuals, who were bold enough to condemn open grazing, and applauded them on their brave views to improve cattle rearing in Nigeria; adding that traditional rulers should be involved in dialogue between herdsmen and farmers.

He stressed that many Fulani children are involved in some atrocities, because of poverty and lack of education; which he said providing grazing reserve would curb the menace.

Jubril, congratulated the governors for their determination to tackle the various security challenges, and commended governor Seyi Makinde, Oyo State government, for not buying the idea for asking all Hausas and Fulani to leave South West.

In addition, he noted that “Nigeria must remain as one entity,” and called for dialogue and mediation with herders, Fulani leaders, traditional rulers, and governors to stop this feud.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News | May 21, 2021