Minute-recordings of the general meeting, Obinwannem Global, Imo State Chapter held on March 21, 2021

Obinwannem News Minute-recordings of the general meeting, Obinwannem Global, Imo State Chapter held on March 21, 2021

An opening prayer was said by the Chairman, Collins Onyenso, from Germany. The first item in the agenda was ‘Intriduction’. The Chairman gave twenty (20) minutes for all administrators in Obinwannem, Imo State, to identify themselves according to their positions.

It was observed that all the administrators introduced themselves including members from different part of the world; applauded the newly appointed executive officials, and encouraged every one to bring out their minds to work towards a better Imo through Obinwannem.

Prince Kingsley Amechi, however, called out names of the new executive officers.

The executive committee of Imo State, Obinwannem, abroad-based, include:

1• Mazi Collins Onyenso –

2• Mazi Ozudimma – Assistant Chairman

3• Mazi Prince Kingsley Amechi – Treasurer

4• Mazi Chinonso Ugwudi, Ejima Ngor-Okpala – Secretary general

5• Mazi Chinagorom Amechi –   PRO

For home-based executive officials:

1• Chibuike Ezenwata – Chairman

2• Chikodi Okere – Assistant Chairman

3• Lolo Ozioma – Treasurer

4• Lolo Amarachi – Women’s general leader

Mazi Onyenso said there were four other post yet to occupy, namely:

1• Secretary

2• Financial Secretary

3• Ass Financial Secretary

4• Provost

The Chairman itemized the agenda of the meeting:

• Restructuring of Imo state Obinwannem

• Bringing back our cultire

• Our Project as a group

Agenda 2: Working together as a group

Reacting to this, Muoneke, Vice Chairman and P. R. O of Obinwannem urged everyone to be selfless in the work ahead, saying the aim of Obinwanne is to revive our culture and tradition.

Chijoke Umunakwe contributed, said there should be cooperation among Obinwannem members to promote growth.

Some members also congratulated the executive officials and urge them to do the needful to fooster the growth and development of Obinwannem.

3. Bring back our culture:

The chairman said Obinwannem stand for ‘Omenala and Odinala’, he admonished everyone not to bring religion into Obinwannem.

Lolo Amarachi said bringing back our culture is being truthful. She also said our culture represents resisting to do evil to anyone, adding that the essence of Obinwannem is to bring back our culture.

Mazi Prince Kingsley on the third agenda, said our culture represents our language, behaviors and our dressing.

Muoneke said people who are traditionally inclined should be given position of leadership in Obinwannem, not people who are not aware of traditions. Also, physical meeting should be allowed – which Ezenwata supported.

4. Our project as a group:

The chairman outlined the phase of the project which include:

(a) Water (borehole) projects in different communities

(b) farming activities
i. Animal farming
ii. Crop farming

Ezenwata, contributing, said he plants cucumber, green (vegetable), maize, cassava and pumpkin. That these crops could be harvested in 2 to 3 months.

Umunakwe also suggested that people at home should be involved, since it would be done in the village.

Muoneke agreed to offer lands for farming once everything is prepared. Chidi also suggested schools built in Obinwannem’s name.
Other members also gave their suggestion.

The Chairman appreciated everyone for their time and inputs. The meeting was successful; ended up with a closing prayer by Lolo Amarachi.

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