Minute-recordings of the general meeting, Obinwannem Global, Anambra State Chapter held on the February 27, 2021

Obinwannem News Minute-recordings of the general meeting, Obinwannem Global, Anambra State Chapter held on the February 27, 2021

The meeting started at 8:04 Biafra Time, with an opening prayer by the assistant women’s leader (Lolo Obiageli Ethel). Subsequently, an opening remark was made by the leader of Obinwannem Foundation, Anambra (Mazi Onyekachukwu Mgbeonyejinu). He greeted all members of Obinwannem, Anambra, and urged everyone to contribute on the agenda of the meeting


(1.) Update of the opening of Anambra state bank account.

(2.) Registration of Obinwannem Foundation

(3.) Introducing people to the organisation.

On our first agendum, our Women’s leader, Nwada Amarachi Obidike gave report on the opening of account. She said the State account has been successfully opened and ready for all payments

Mazi Odiaka Chukwunonso commended the opening of account and requested for it to be published so that those who want to make payments can start immediately.

The account details reads:

Account Name: Obidike Amarachukwu and Nnabugwu Jude Ifesinachi

Acct Number: 3172714924
(First bank)

Also , the Asst. Women’s leader commended the account opening and encouraged everyone to start making their registration and other payments into the account.

The Women’s leader, Amarachi Obidike, introduced the second matter in the agenda, which was;

• Membership registration of Obinwannem Foundation:

The Asst. Women’s leader further explained the registration aspect, and reasons for same; which she said was the only qualification for (full) membership into the organisation. She enlisted the amount for the registration –

• ₦40,000 – Full membership registration into Obinwannem Foundation

• ₦5,000 – Starter membership into Obinwannem Foundation (which does not make you a full member)

She also informed everyone to always post their receipts (evidence of payment) in the forum, for record purposes.

She later introduced the last matter in the agenda for the meeting because there was no further questions on the second matter;

• Introduction of new members to the organisation:

Lolo Ethel emphasized on how to bring people in the group. She said members who intend to introduce anybody to the group would have to explain to them the objectives of Obinwannem Foundation. She also encouraged people to talk to their families and friends about Obinwannem; adding that people who we should introduce to the organisation be those that truly understand the vision we are running with; in her own words, “like minded people”.

The closing prayer was made by the Asst. Women’s leader (Lolo Ethel Obiageli)

In conclusion, the State coordinator commended everyone that attended the meeting, and also encouraged others that could not attend to contribute whenever they come online.

Minutes taken by:
Osita Benjamin jnr Chinonso
(Secretary General)

Amarachi Udezuka
(Asst. Sec. General)

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