Minute-recordings of the executive meeting, Obinwannem Global, Enugu State Chapter held on March 19, 2021

Obinwannem News Minute-recordings of the executive meeting, Obinwannem Global, Enugu State Chapter held on March 19, 2021

The meeting kicked off at exactly 8:04 pm Biafra time, the opening ritual (prayer) was made by Nwada Nnadi Chinedu Eunice – the financial secretary, Women’s wing.


1• Mazi Ugwu Okenwa – Head admin.

2• Nwada Nnadi Eunice (financial secretary woman wing)

3• Nwada Ogechi(asst. woman leader)

4• Mazi David Ejiofor (provost)

5• Mazi Asogwa Collins (asst. secretary)

6• Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu (Founder and general overseer, Obinwannem Nd’Igbo global).

The meeting was presided by the head admin. (Mazi Okenwa). In his opening speech, he welcomed those that attended the meeting and also highlighted on the agenda (the outcome  of the general meeting of Obinwannem  ndigbo global) of the meeting.

The first agendum was membership registration; which was classified in two categories: ₦5,000 and ₦40,000 registrations, respectively.

Mazi Okenwa made us understand that the registration under the first category is just to be a welcomed member of the organisation; while the second category makes one a full fledged member of the organisation – thereby being entitled to all benefits of the organisation.

Nwada Eunice showed her full support for the issue of membership registration. She went further to remind us about the need of fund in any organisation and also urged us to remain firm in our mission since this effort would go a long way to help our people in general from generation to generation.

The second agendum was about the monthly tax/dues. Mazi Okenwa explained the style of the tax as thus; the range of money agreed to be paying as our monthly tax ranges from $1 to $100(USD), this range was agreed on because we all know that all fingers are not equal.

Also,  he reminded us that the tax will be a source of fund to the organisation because we have many task to carry out and we should not forget the benefits that would follow our efforts.

Mazi Ejiofor David supported the idea of tax payment according to one’s capacity.
Nwada Eunice also used a brief story of a farmer who sowed a  seed and keep watering it for normal growth to make an analysis of the importance of tax as a source of fund to this our organisation.

She still highlighted on our benefits as regards our efforts and contributions to the organisation and also the benefits according to one’s contribution.

Mazi Collins supported the  idea of monthly tax and urged us to tighten out seat belts for the task ahead.

Third agendum was the suitable time for meetings; general, states,  LGA, and towns.

Mazi Collins suggested to be holding the state’s general meeting for 12 hours interval that is from 6:00am to 6:00pm of any accepted day, since, this would pave way for more participants. Nwada Eunice also suggested to be holding the meeting on Saturday and it would be better to allow about 3hrs for the meeting.

Furthermore, Mazi Okenwa pointed about the Obinwannem Ndigbo global cultural radio and TV programmes which holds morning and night, everyday – on Eke, Orie, Afọ , and Nkwọ. He also talked about our prayer rules; “we should start and end our prayers in the name of Chukwu Okike Abiama,” he said.

Another point was about defaulters; anybody who goes against the rules of Obinwannem. It was agreed that:

(i.) Defaulter(s) of the rule as a full member, shall go for two weeks suspension with a fine of $1 dollar and a letter of apology

(ii.) If one is just a member of Obinwannem, it shall be a 2-weeks suspension with a letter of apology.


Mazi Okenwa urged us to put more efforts in the race to saving our generations. He also lamented about the members who did not attend the meeting with no excuse.

Nwada Eunice commended the effort of the head Admin and went further to suggest contribution of any amount to our purse incase we have any emergency task to carry out.

Mazi Okenwa told us to leave the idea of the contributions for now since all of us have not registered.

Mazi Ejiofor urged us to be our brother’s keeper. We should ask about our longtime absent members since as it is one of the qualities of Obinwannem.

In his closing remarks, Mazi Okenwa summarized the whole agenda and made us know that our official meetings should be on Fridays (8:00pm to 9:30pm) and Enugu general meeting on Saturdays (12:00pm to 4:00pm).

The meeting came to an end at 9:49pm Biafra Time. Closing prayer was said by Nwada Eunice.

Minutes taken by Asogwa Collins
(Asst. Secretary)
Udo diri unu.

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