Meet Ikechukwu Igboke the physically challenged Biafran Activists

Obinwannem News Meet Ikechukwu Igboke the physically challenged Biafran Activists

Ikechukwu David Igboke is from Onich-Igboeze local government area of Ebonyi State who has been facing a physical challenge since 2014.

He is one of the Biafran activists resolute and relentless. We first met in Abuja federal high Court in one of the court sittings of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Before 2014, Ikechukwu was healthy and worked as a manager in a mechanic workshop in Abuja. Write down to know how he got amputated.

My name is Ikechiukwu Igboke Chijioke David Igboke Simon
I was working in a mechanic workshop as the manager from (2012 – 2014). On February 18th 2014 one of our neighbours called me together with other two boys who were under me to help him shift his container away from the areas being demolished by the government as many Biafran shops faced demolition in Abuja.

When we got there, (it was around 6-7 pm) the man asked me to help remove a poll that was beside the container so that others can gain access to shifting the container but unknown to me that they were a high tension PHCN wire there ( since it was already dark).

As I was tried removing the poll I mistakenly touched the high tension PHCN wire and I was electrocuted which caused me to lose my both hands after so many medications both in the hospital and even traditional medications.

However, I was not supposed to be amputated if the doctors had attended to me rather, he attended to his fellow Muslims and northerners.

The most painful part of my story was how the man I volunteered to help to lead to my predicament denied me help because he thought that my family will ask him to bear my responsibilities forthwith.

Ever since then, I tried so hard to get a job but always been dinned of getting it (the job) because of my hands.

The reason I joined the struggle for the restoration of Biafra was that I see it evil for government to demolish the shops of and destroy the goods of a particular set of people in a country that claim that we are one.

I away see it that Biafrans are being dinned their rights and the act of NTA television station, AIT television station and lay-on-me Radio program (headed by a Yoruba man) testify to me clearly that Nigeria can never work out. This is why I joined the great IPOB family in 2015/2016

I had wanted the Radio and TV station that I just mentioned above to make an interview of me, telling the public to help me get a prosthetic so that I can do something on my own without the help of others but they all turned me down (which up till date AIT is still having my pictures but refused to grant me the opportunity to make the interview).

The man in charge of Lay-on-me Radio program told me that they (the government) ask him to stop helping people but he kept on helping people from his region.

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Written By Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere Obinwannem News

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