Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Key points for June 29th Broadcast

Obinwannem News Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Key points for June 29th Broadcast

The struggle to restore the Biafra Nation nation continues as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had on Sunday, June 29, 2020, made a broadcast on Radio Biafra.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made several consecutive and remarkable points during this mother broadcast. He said that he has two mission on Earth which includes; restoration of Biafra and the destruction of Nigeria.

Below are some other interesting keywords:

“I will continue to stream and there is nothing Facebook can do about it. If the Yoruba people working for Facebook like, let them cut me off and I will take them to court in the United States, not in the ZOO”.

“I have two jobs assigned to me by Elohim. One is to restore Biafra, and the last one is to ensure that the name Nigeria no longer exists. When I am talking write it down. This is why I always ask you to come with your pen and paper”.

“O’kwanu eligwe zie mu ozi m’zie ndi di ndu, (heaven gives me a message and I give to the living). The more they talk about us the more they promote us. Everywhere you go the words in the lips of everyone are IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, and I love it”.

“All of you are not offended to go to Europe that killed you in millions, but you are offended of being insulted by Nnamdi Kanu”.

“Why do we expose the Ohaneze ndi oshi na ndi ara na ndi ama. I am going to tell you the reason why we are harsh on them and speak the way we do. After listening this night you will stone them”.

“Can you imagine the number of illegitimate children we have in Biafraland after fighting a war, these are the people and the idiots you see on social media.

“Gowon said, if I knew that Igbo loved money so much I wouldn’t have gone to war, I would have shared money to them to fight each other. And that is what they are doing now.

“After being arrested and imprisoned unjustly, I came out and I told them that they are going to rape and kill your wives and children.

“If they say to you when we are growing up, that somebody will come to your village and pick your daughter and nobody will say anything, would you have believed it?

“You are there claiming that you are elder, and somebody traveled from Mali, came to your village and knocked on the door, and picked up your daughter, and you come up on Facebook and talk nonsense. You people have no shame.

“I have been talking to you people from 2013 till 2017 and you people did not listen. Have you not seen the mess Yorubaland Is in, do you people think that you will bring Biafra to that level? Don’t you people know who we are?

“In Uli Anambra, a girl was cut into pieces, and people are making mouth, I have money, where is the Governor? Where is Willie Obiano? I don’t know what voice to use so that you people will understand the mess you are in, because you people have no shame.

“And you are walking about your business as if nothing happened because it’s not your daughter that is butchered. Do you see why I speak to you the way I do because you have no empathy, you are heartless and not human.

“And some satanic individuals will go about writing rubbish that it is farmers and herders clash. Darkness has taken over in our land, that men will see evil and condone it, and you expected me to be nice to you.

“They went around Biafraland promising all the Governors Vice President position, one single position to everybody, and what is the catch, by giving our land to Fulani.

“Are you listening to what Obiano said. If you go to Anambra State now and kill a man all you have to pay is 500,000 naira. As part of the deal for the rigging of his election, Obiano went and brought in Myetti Allah as part of his government. Every police station is under instruction to offer strategic support to killer Fulani as they match down South.

“Nnamdi Kanu is insultive, while your daughters are being taken right before your eyes, which one is more insultive? Your daughters are being abducted, raped and cut into pieces and you are not ashamed. Look at the woman who was abducted, did the village vigilante do anything, the answer is NO!!

“The people invading you are well organized, they have over 30 billion stashed away, and you have nothing. And you are telling people, our people, go to your village and organize your vigilante, and am asking you, how can your village wage war against a Platinum of Fulani?

“They are now coming out to tell the Yoruba that Kwara was conquered by the Fulani, the Magaji of Ilorin. Yoruba has never been able to convince themselves in their brain that they need freedom. In Yorubaland, they are looking for political control of freedom.

“I can not hate anybody, we speak the way we do so that you can change.

“Afenifere never allowed Fulani to plant Saboteurs in their apex forum, unlike the PANDEF and Ohaneze, and I give them credit for that.

“It was Edwin Clark who was a traitor and Arch Saboteur who single-handedly sabotaged Biafra.

“Unless you mention Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB, nobody will read what you are writing. They said I am arrogant, and I asked why wouldn’t I be? I studied in London, I am educated. If you claimed that you are educated come and let’s co-host on Friday and you will be destroyed.

“Please whenever you hear somebody doing gossip video talking about IPOB, please allow them they are doing FREE PUBLICITY FOR US.

“Obasanjo said, now no part of Nigeria is safe from Fulani attack.

“Yoruba man’s first priority in life is how to put an Igbo man down. Until they come out to change. “Yoruba, those that took Ilorin from you are your real enemy, not IPOB, not Biafra”.

“The same way I was telling Tinubu here on Radio Biafra, “TINUBU they will disgrace you”. I said it here LIVE!! Has it not happened? Fulani don’t work with Traitor, TINUBU has been a traitor to his people.

“The FULANIS are everywhere; they are in Bukinafaso doing the same thing, the only thing that saved Africa is Trump, had Clinton come in, you would have been finished.

“Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, he is the immortal Leader and when Biafra comes we will immortalize them.

“What caused the war was that Ojukwu came back and announced the deal. Don’t mind the praying mantis Gowon. He was advised by the British to turn back on Aburi. Why was Aburi not implemented? The same thing that caused the war, this is the question to ask Gowon.

“The British never wanted anything that will benefit an Igbo man.”Obasanjo is calling for restructuring but he is the same man that put Nigeria in the mess they are in today”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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