Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Join me live special broadcast tomorrow 14/12/2019 on Radio Biafra we must continue

Obinwannem News Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Join me live special broadcast tomorrow 14/12/2019 on Radio Biafra we must continue

Join me tomorrow live on Radio Biafra as I deliver an address/lecture on all trending and topical issues relating to Biafra and inevitable collapse of Nigeria.‬

‪Date: Sat. Dec. 14, 2019‬‪ Time: 7 pm Biafraland Time‬ ‪Listen via‬‪ Radio Biafra on TuneIn:‬ ‪‬ Website:‬ ‪‬ ‪Facebook live:‬ ‪

Biafrans Listen: Part of the strong speech of the leader of IPOB, on 08/12/2019 – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you’re on the face of this very plant.

We welcome you this very evening not minding how terrible things are in times of the unrelenting brutality primitivity and uncivilized conduct of the security forces of Nigeria we continue to propagate this very gospel of redemption not minding my own or should I say Biafranous in the passing of my father who has joined his ancestors.

And also the mourning of my mother who past away some months ago we must continue because as they told me when they are alive that Biafra is a priority that regardless of whatever may be failed them that I must sincerity and continuously pushing the restoration of Biafra that is the only way

I can honour them and this evening that is exactly what I am doing it doesn’t matter what is it regarding of the magnitude of the difficulty of the problem Biafra is number one I must serve her in every way I can with every strength and every courage and conviction for Biafra must come in our time or else this generation is a failure as those that went before it.

That is why we must spare this gospel this evening, that’s why death can never hold us back that’s why anything Nigeria is doing can never set us back or stop us to be fighting for our freedom that’s why Biafra must come I a sure you that we focus and we determined and we are resolute and nothing can shake us.

They well know that we are unbribable and can never be bribed and even our lawyer can never be bought Barrister Ejiofor can never be compromised he can not be bought that is why they invaded his him before I go further I must welcome every one of you in this holy radio platform because it’s not like any other radio platform on earth.

This is radio Biafra listening across this globe if you are not listening to us on Radio Biafra App your listening on the Facebook page or you are listening to us via FM in Biafra land or other media platforms that link with radio Biafra and we a sure you that millions of you that listening to this evening for another expose exhibition by my humble self by you may know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening for some of you that listening from the part of this globe I welcome you and I encourage you to welcome others around you, do not let only you to be listening to this university of the truth that will save a lot of lives in Africa and mostly in my holy land Biafra.

Please bring your pen and paper so that you will write down all the information and all the evil actions of the Nigeria government on her citizens.

Listen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Speech

Written By Vladimir Chimaobi Obinwannem News

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