May 30: Obinwannem Ndi-Igbo eulogises Biafra fallen heroes

Obinwannem News May 30: Obinwannem Ndi-Igbo eulogises Biafra fallen heroes

We thank all Igbo natives all over the world; those who believe in the fight, struggle for the restoration of Biafra. Those who understand the formidability of our forefathers, who fought very hard during the Nigeria-Biafra war, that we might live; that we might regain our freedom as it was, prior to the arrival of the British imperialists.

This is Obinwannem movement. We welcome everyone of you. We are here to enlighten our people all Igbo natives all over the world; to rekindle their consciousness regarding the pursuit of the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

In the spirit of solemnization, we remember the ultimate sacrifice of our dauntless heroes, and heroines, whom were ‘felled’ by the combined forces of the enemy; Nigeria, and her foreign allies. It is impossible to forget that our progenitors stood under the pressure of heavy armories, grenades, to ensuring that the people of Biafra were not obliterated from the surface of the Earth.

Your bravery and commitment shall never be in vain. Today, we acknowledge all your strives. We acknowledge that you have laid down your lives for our survival. We acknowledge your efforts to sustain your grand children, our future generation, and we acknowledge your ‘downfall’ for the purpose of our own upliftment. With utmost regards, we honour you, we salute your bravery, all you esteemed soldiers, children and pregnant women who fought with starvation and who died for Biafra’s freedom.

Tears roll down our cheeks, they flow like a river, when we remember your death, when we remember your sacrifice and the battle you have fought for our freedom. We recognize that you have handed down the baton to us and we must never let your death be in vain. Your departure was not your fault nor any act of God but rather, man’s inhumanity against man. You fought for the freedom and for an end to our slavery, you fought for what you believed in and you died for your people which proves that your love for us is exceedingly high.

We will forever adore you and your efforts. Though the perilous affections of the enemies’ gruesomeness has taken you away, but we are here to complete your mission and to attain the freedom which you had begun the quest.

We shall always remember you.

Long live the Republic of Biafra.

Vladimir Chimaobi Ugwu reporting, Obinwannem News | 30/05/2021

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